Welcome to We Can Code IT – the ultimate destination for anyone keen on mastering the art and science of programming. Our immersive, hands-on coding bootcamps are designed to empower you with in-demand technical skills that align with current market trends. Our coding bootcamps offer full-time Java and C# .NET courses – both spanning 22 weeks – and a part-time Java course, again over a 22-week period. Each program provides intensive, focused training to transition you from a coding novice to a professional developer. At We Can Code IT, we firmly believe in the power of coding and technological fluency as tools for career transformation. Come, join us and take the first step in your coding journey, and experience how We Can Code IT can change your career trajectory forever.

What we teach:


Data Analytics Bootcamp Course

Dive into the exciting world of data science with our 14-week course designed to transform you into a certified Data Analyst. Learn data manipulation, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning through hands-on projects and real-world applications. No prior experience required. Graduate with an industry-recognized Data Analyst Certification and a portfolio to show off your skills!


Part-time Java Full-stack Hybrid Coding Bootcamp

This course is a hybrid, online course with in-person "code jams" every other weekend, allowing you to keep your job while attending in your off-hours in just 22 weeks. Start your new career in tech! Over 90% placement rate for career seeking students within 6 months of graduation. Learn the *best* practices - agile, TDD, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more in a unique, collaborative real-world approach using modern tools, languages, and progressive educational methods!

We Can Code IT Software and Web Development Coding Bootcamp On Course(tm) Proven Process

Opt for a course speed that matches your lifestyle’s tempo

Certain students can devote themselves entirely to our campuses, while some have to balance work, familial, or other personal commitments. Whichever route you opt for demands persistence and earnest effort. Within a few weeks, you’ll acquire capabilities that have the potential to positively transform your future.


Pursue learning as if it’s your utmost commitment. Envision this as an accelerated plan laden with substantial accountability.

  • 14 weeks long
  • Regular interactions with your group, collaborative projects under instructor guidance, tutoring sessions, live classes led by teaching staff, and continuous support through the Slack community.
  • Ideal for: learners who are capable of attending courses online or in person during the weekdays at work hours. These students prefer engaging in live sessions, following a well-organized timetable, and cultivating knowledge collaboratively with fellow students.


You’re devoted to the learning process, though you may require some leeway in your schedule. You craft your own agenda but remain steadfast in meeting deadlines.

  • 22 weeks long
  • The cohort meets every other weekend. Students participate in collaborative projects under instructor guidance, tutoring sessions, live classes led by teaching staff, and continuous support through the Slack community.
  • Ideal for: Employed individuals seeking to incorporate classes into their existing packed agenda.
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