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Coding Bootcamp Corporate Training

Re-skilling your Workforce

Do you have valuable employees who are a great culture fit but don’t have quite the right technical skills? We Can Code IT has experience taking employee groups through an intensive training program that introduces timely technical skills so they can build the technical foundation needed to join your IT team. These programs can be customized to your specific tech stacks and taught at your location or ours.

Corporate Software Training
for your Employees

Finding high-quality technical training for employees can be a challenge. With the We Can Code IT FlexCode™ program, your employees can gain valuable programming skills at night and on weekends while continuing with their day-job. This program offers the same intensive learning opportunity and breadth of technologies as our in-person program. It’s just delivered at a time that works for busy, working adults.

Our Coding Training Methodology

We call ourselves a coding bootcamp, but we do much more than just teach you how to code; we help you become a skilled and creative software developer ready to start a new career and life.

We open your mind through creative computing. We build on your strengths and focus on a community, hands-on approach. We help you get the education you need to succeed, but we don’t make you sit through boring lectures and videos to get there. We engage you with your interests in mind and allow you to find your path as an innovative software professional. We make programming fun!

Customized Training Clients

Clients like GE, Progressive & University Hospitals have benefited from our agile, collaborative, inclusive approach.

university hospitals

Software Development Training Skills We Offer

We teach the most in-demand skills in the US with a focus on languages and techniques that soundly start our students as software developers with languages such as Java and C#. Our goal is to produce students with experience as full-stack developers while also teaching sound programming best practices like TDD, Scrum/Agile, and source control using Git and GitHub.

C# / .NET (Cleveland Campus)
Java (Columbus Campus)
Object Oriented Programming
Databases and SQL | ORMs
JavaScript (ES6)
Git | Github
Libraries | APIs
Test-driven Design (TDD) & Agile

“After the We Can Code IT on-site training at University Hospitals, we embraced Agile software development methodology with tremendous success. On a project that was not going well, we were able to develop 1-week iterations where we did a mini-planning session on Monday, committed to stories for the week and then completely tested them by the end of the week. Our teams have really enjoyed moving to a more structured Agile environment with much more collaboration.”

 – Andy Laytin, Manager, IT Development, SQL DBAs & Architecture, University Hospitals

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