Teaching Computer Science: Our New Computer Science Training Meant for Teachers is Here!

Over the course of 3 months, you’ll learn:

  • How Computational Thinking, based on MIT’s model, is implemented in the classroom.
  • How to program using languages optimized for the grade-levels you’re teaching.
  • Why diversity is important in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • How to get more girls and minorities in your computer science classes.
  • How to measure your students’ success based on the computational thinking model.
  • What applications and materials you’ll need to best teach computer science.

Our computer science training for educators’ classes are online, but in real-time, so you can ask questions and get help immediately! Have to miss a class? No problem. Just review the recorded video at your leisure.  We help you learn precisely what you need for your grade level, then help you get the curriculum and materials you need to teach your students easily and effectively!

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