Columbus Student Spotlight: Brent Milan


Learn why We Can Code IT grads bring more than tech skills to the table in my interview with Java Developer, and soon to be grad, Brent Milan

Brent a student at We Can Code IT, Columbus, shares with me what he brings to the tech table and what he offers to employers.

1. Which technologies are your favorites?

Brent Milan. Columbus Java DeveloperRight now, Java and the Spring Framework are my current wheelhouse. However, JavaScript (ES6) is becoming more and more relevant. I plan on tackling both JS and Python in the very near future.
Beyond language, my curiosity extends to just about everything in the tech industry. Phone apps that change the pattern of our day-to-day lives, software that improves health care and quality of life for patients, AI learning and self-driving cars, gaming software — it all fascinates me.
The best part of the tech industry has to be the culture it has created, however.

2. In addition to tech, what experience do you bring to employers?

That falls into two categories. First of all, I ran a business start-up as a bar owner. The experience of building a small team, screening candidates, dealing hands-on with customer expectations, and handling all aspects of a small business for over four years translates into just about any client-facing field or office environment one would wish to join.
Secondly, I am a history graduate from Capital University who originally wanted to teach Civics. I have a strong impulse to build a better society brick-by-brick and be involved in things that serve the greater good. Technology empowers people. It brings the world closer together and I think that’s absolutely critical for the future of our planet.

3. What sets you apart as a Full-stack Java Developer?

A voracious appetite for learning. If I don’t know something, I want to learn it. The only limiting factor is the amount of hours in any given day.
Graduation from this boot camp isn’t an ending for me; it’s just another starting line.


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