WCCI Announces Q1 2023 Employee of the Quarter… Colleen!

Colleen EOQ

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After a unanimous vote, the leadership team at WCCI has selected Marketing Associate, Colleen Baldrey, as Employee of the Quarter!

A few team leads made impressive remarks about Colleen.

“Colleen continues to take on new challenges and never backs down when something is new or unfamiliar.  She has made significant improvements to WCCI’s brand awareness as well as our PPC conversions in the last quarter.  When it comes to our values, Colleen truly strives to be the best at what we do.”

Thomas Watson, Director, Admissions and Marketing

“Colleen works tirelessly on our branding and marketing efforts! She’s single-handedly increased our PPC conversions while reducing overall costs. She means business and is an amazing team player..”

Mel McGee, CEO & Founder