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Navigating Success: A Conversation with Jo, We Can Code IT Alumna & Software Developer at JP Morgan Chase


Unlock the secrets to transforming your future with coding as you delve into Jo’s inspiring journey from We Can Code IT to software developer at JP Morgan Chase, in our latest video interview!

In a world where technology is pivotal, we bring forth the inspiring narrative of Jo, a We Can Code IT graduate and now a flourishing software developer at JP Morgan Chase. Her story, weaved with determination and tenacity, serves as a beacon of motivation, echoing the transformative essence of embracing coding and technology.

A New Beginning:

Born and raised in the Philippines, Jo’s journey unfolded uniquely. “I didn’t complete college initially,” Jo shared, her voice reflecting her passionate journey through family businesses and tech startups before she delved deep into the wonders of the tech world.

Why We Can Code IT?

“I moved to the U.S. during the pandemic,” Jo recalls, her eyes lighting up as she narrated her reasons for choosing We Can Code IT. It was the bootcamp’s outstanding reviews and staunch commitment to diversity and inclusion that spoke to her. “Cliff and Alan were really good instructors. They went the extra mile to support us through the program,” she added, reflecting on the impactful teaching that enhanced her learning experience.

Navigating Challenges:

Life at We Can Code IT was a rollercoaster of learning and overcoming hurdles for Jo. “We had to build the final project from scratch. It was challenging to collaborate effectively in a remote setting,” she shared, remembering the many challenges that tested her coding skills and resilience.

The Supportive Pillar:

Jo voiced her appreciation for the career services at We Can Code IT, “They were a really big help,” she mentioned, with a nod to the instructors and representatives who helped her prep her resume and navigate the demanding job market. “Amanda was awesome. She gave me a lot of great tips on how to make it past those applicant tracking systems,” she added, crediting the career services for their indispensable role in her job hunt.

The Journey to JP Morgan Chase:

“It was very challenging,” Jo stated, reflecting on the tumultuous job search process. She sent out 10 to 20 applications daily, totaling up to 400, all while facing a slew of rejections. “I finally made it at JP Morgan and that was amazing,” she said, her eyes sparkling at the memory, showcasing her determination and grit, eventually landing her her dream role at JP Morgan Chase.

Life as a Software Developer:

“I really enjoy the challenges and opportunities,” Jo said about her current role, delineating her daily structure and the supportive environment that fosters both her personal and professional growth. She values the enriching experiences and the ability to contribute significantly to her team’s objectives.

Pearls of Wisdom:

“Never give up. Always chase your dream,” Jo advises prospective We Can Code IT students with firm conviction. She urges the need to stay persistent, learn continuously, network effectively, and build a strong portfolio. “Focus on skill enhancement and stay positive. You can do it!” she emphasized, her words resonating with encouragement and insight.


Jo’s transformative journey with We Can Code IT mirrors the boundless possibilities that lie within the realm of coding and technology. Her narrative, laden with resilience and an unwavering spirit, stands as a testament to the life-changing impact of persistence and continuous learning.