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Respected Cleveland Software Developer, Coach and Trainer Leads We Can Code IT’s Education Team

Kyle McKee brings a passion for high-quality instruction, industry best practices, and collaborative team dynamics.

We Can Code IT welcomes Kyle McKee to a new role with the premier Ohio coding bootcamp focused on advancing inclusion in the tech industry. As Education Director, McKee combine’s his two greatest loves: teaching and Agile computer programming.

McKee brings more than 13 years of diverse experience in the Cleveland tech community. Before joining We Can Code IT,  McKee worked as a CAD Systems Specialist for Invacare, a Software Developer for Hyland Software, an Agile Engineering Coach for LeanDog software development business, and as an independent consultant, coach, and mentor for many cutting-edge companies in Northeast Ohio.

McKee was attracted to the We Can Code IT’s unique culture and a mission of outstanding tech education that celebrates inclusion. A veteran developer and agile coach, McKee recognizes the business value of inclusion.


“The best teams I’ve been on have been diverse, with different perspectives and beliefs. I love the idea of bringing that to more people and companies,” says McKee. “There’s still a perfect storm in tech, with a talent shortage of developers both locally and nationally. At the same time, we’re lacking diversity in developer communities. We have an opportunity to address both problems at once. We Can Code IT has the right mission and I’m excited to help.”


McKee describes his own background as “non-traditional.” He taught himself to code, then began networking and attending Meetups as his weekend hobby evolved into a passion. “There were no bootcamps when I got into this. I had a degree in Mechanical Design from Lorain County Community College and worked in that field for several years. Eventually, I started writing more and more software at work and realized I was missing the bus! This is what I wanted to do with my life – so I made the leap and became a software developer.”  


Finding new solutions to pervasive challenges

As a software developer, McKee worked for several companies and noticed similar problems causing roadblocks in the software development process. He wanted to understand the underlying issues and “find a better way.” McKee began exploring new approaches, including Agile methodology, Extreme Programming, Test-Driven Development and Acceptance Test-Driven Development. “I felt like my eyes were opened and I had found the answer,” recalls McKee. “Eventually, I fell in with a local company called LeanDog, and that’s where I found my people. They believed in all the same things as me.”

After a few years, McKee pivoted to become an independent consultant and engineering coach for clients like Sherwin-Williams, Rockwell Automation, Medical Mutual, and others. McKee embedded himself on the software team, writing code but also teaching best practices through one-on-one coaching and internal training. “The big secret of software development is communication and getting people to understand what it is that we’re trying to build and how to work together effectively,” says McKee. “That part is often much harder than the technical challenge, but just as important.”


Ready to tackle tech industry’s “glaring problem”

McKee is delighted to take on his new role as Education Director at We Can Code IT – and strongly believes in the company’s mission to bring more inclusion to the tech industry.


“You’d have to be blind to not see it. This is a glaring problem in our industry,” says McKee. “At We Can Code IT, adult career changers who haven’t been invited to the table are finally welcome, and I want to ensure these talented folks succeed.”


McKee will ensure We Can Code IT’s students are getting the best possible accelerated tech education. Using a modern collaborative approach, combined with valued agile tech practices, students will learn a variety of in-demand languages, such as Java, C#, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, the program focuses on in-demand soft skills such as teamwork and agility. “We want to make sure we’re preparing the best developers in Ohio and beyond, by giving students and their instructors all the tools, curriculum, and frameworks they need.” McKee is excited to support the launch of We Can Code IT’s new hybrid model bootcamp called FlexCode™, combining in-person classroom instruction, group collaboration and personal career services with online coursework and resources.

McKee is well-known in the Cleveland tech community where he volunteers to teach coding at events like RailsBridge, NodeSchool, and Great Lakes Science Center programs. He’s led Meetup groups, won the Cleveland Medical Hackathon and been a frequent speaker at software conferences. In 2017, McKee led the Ohio StartupBus with 30 entrepreneurs and developers on a cross-country entrepreneurial immersion culminating in a pitch competition against other entrepreneurs from cities across North America.

McKee resides in Solon with his wife Julia, two children (“I’m chomping at the bit for them to be old enough to code!”) and two dogs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]