From Military Analyst to Software Engineer: Mat’s Journey Through We Can Code IT


Discover the remarkable journey of Mat, a former military analyst who transformed his life and career through We Can Code IT's immersive coding bootcamp. Read on to learn about Mat's experiences, challenges, and the valuable skills he gained which now fuel his successful career as a Software Developer.

Before his successful career as a Software Engineer, Mat served as a military analyst. “The military taught me how technology is interwoven into operations,” Mat recalls. “But I was drawn to the creation of technology, not just its analysis.”

This aspiration led him to We Can Code IT, a coding bootcamp that went beyond his expectations. “We Can Code IT was the catalyst for my tech career,” he shares. “Their mission and teaching methods were inspiring.”

Mat fondly recalls the intensity of his early days at the bootcamp. “I was both thrilled and nervous. I knew that I was standing at the cusp of a significant career shift,” he says.

Mat's Student Success Story We Can Code IT Tech Training Provider

Mat thrived at We Can Code IT, mastering the complexities of software development and eagerly tackling every challenge. “Every day was an opportunity for growth,” he asserts. “The bootcamp’s methodology made even the most complex coding concepts manageable.”

One critical skill Mat gained during his time at We Can Code IT was conflict resolution. “In the bootcamp, we often worked in teams, and it was inevitable that differences would arise,” Mat explains. “But these situations helped me understand the importance of collaboration, communication, and compromise, all of which prepared me for the real world of software development.”

Despite the inherent challenges of the tech industry, We Can Code IT’s supportive environment was instrumental in his success. “The bootcamp prepared me for the ever-evolving tech landscape by fostering a lifelong learning mindset,” Mat says.

Post-bootcamp, Mat secured a position at Ball Aerospace as a Software Engineer. “I took a strategic approach to the job market, applying for positions that aligned with my skills and aspirations,” he says. “This strategy paid off when I was offered a role at Ball Aerospace.”

Reflecting on his journey, Mat credits We Can Code IT for his seamless transition into the tech industry. “My transition was challenging, but the bootcamp made it an exciting and rewarding journey,” he shares. “Through We Can Code IT, I didn’t just learn to code, I also learned how to navigate the dynamics of a tech workplace. And for that, I’m incredibly grateful.”

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