Coding Bootcamp Student Spotlight: Dee

I’ve had the opportunity to graduate from college with a degree in Computer Science in 2012. After graduation I decided to look for a job with computers, but I shied away from programming jobs because I felt as though I did not have a full grasp on programming. I always felt intimidated in class (at the university) because it seemed like my classmates always had a good grasp on what the professor would be explaining and I honestly would feel stupid if I asked a question. In most cases, I would just let it go and try to catch up as best as I could. It was very stressful because sometimes this would cause me to fall behind on the subject (like homework assignments) or barely have an understanding on the subject before moving on to the next subject.

Also, in class (at the university) everything seemed so fast paced. We would have to learn how to program in different languages in a matter of a few weeks to a few months and there were many quizzes and exams throughout the semester. Here at We Can Code It, we are encouraged to ask questions and work on the material at our own pace. There isn’t a threat of a quiz or exam every other day. We are allowed to help each other and because we are given that freedom, I feel as though we wouldn’t cheat to get ahead. The environment we are in gives us the tools we need to succeed and that in turn gives us the courage to pull through without the need of cheating ourselves. Communication is key. Being able to discuss as a group the challenges we are facing helps us get through the material within a decent time frame with an actual understanding on the subject.

At the end of the day, my experience in college was nice and I am grateful for my degree. But I owe a lot to We Can Code It for not only refreshing my mind in programming, but for also re-teaching me in such a positive and engaging way!

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