Student Outcomes

14-16 Weeks


Job Placement Rate

$56k Average
Starting Salary

Coding Bootcamp Student Outcomes

Students come to We Can Code IT for our highly coveted software development training. However, at the end of the program, students want assurance that they’ve learned skills that will launch them on their new tech career.

Our students are diverse in every way

  • From high school diplomas to bachelors and masters degrees
  • From no professional experience to decades of industry experience
  • From interests in nonprofits to starting businesses

Our students have diverse career interests and we believe that every student deserves an individualized career plan. Our student success coaches work with each student weekly (both in class and 1 on 1) to develop a professional resume, LinkedIn profile and career plan. We marry a student’s past experiences with their new software development skills to illustrate how the student can plug into an organization.

We have over a 90% job placement rate within 6-months of completing our program. Our program is approved by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools and evaluated on an annual basis.

Sharon Parks

coding bootcamp graduate success
UX Front-End Developer at Findaway

“I don’t know of any other coding bootcamp that has the conversation of culture and identity ingrained in the curriculum and atmosphere. Through career coaching, life coaching and peer support, the program became more than just a bootcamp. It was an environment where you were encouraged and supported to imagine the best version of your life possible and given tools to make that vision come true.”