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We invite you to join the growing tech industry as a software developer. We Can Code IT provides you with top-notch education, career services and mentoring — all with our unique focus on serving those who don’t feel invited to the IT “table.” After just a few months, you’ll know how to code and begin a new career in tech!

Where Coding Bootcamp Graduates Land Careers

Click on the dots below to see our recent grads – and where they’re working now!
  • Satnam Brar Nationwide
    Satnam works at EnvisionRxOptions as a Software Engineer I.
  • Elizabeth landed a Software Development Position at CoverMyMeds.
    Elizabeth landed a Software Developer position at CoverMyMeds.
  • Todd Law Nationwide
    Todd is a Senior Technical Consultant at Nationwide.
  • William Beck Moon Beam Power
    William is a Software Engineer Associate at Moon Beam Power.
  • Zerrick Staples Breakthrough Charter Schools
    Zerrick is an IT Technician at Breakthrough Charter Schools.
  • Rafee Daanish DCT Telecomm
    Rafee is a Technical Service Representative at DCT Telecomm.
  • Sarah Kaminski AmTrust
    Sarah is a software developer at AmTrust.
  • Kierra Westmoreland JPMorgan Chase
    Kierra works at JPMorgan Chase as a Technology Analyst.
  • Quinn Bennett JPMorgan Chase
    Quinn works at JPMorgan Chase as a technology analyst.
  • Lawrence Hudson PNC
    Lawrence was promoted to senior internal support specialist at PNC.
  • Brad Kilkenney Progressive
    Brad is a systems test engineer associate at Progressive.
  • Chanel is a Web Developer at Dealer Tire.
  • Coding Bootcamp Wentworth Solutions
    Stephen works at Wentworth Solutions as a full stack developer.
  • Coding Bootcamp Cover My Meds
    Valerie is a software development apprentice at Cover My Meds.
  • Coding Bootcamp Foundation Software
    Shawn is a web developer at Foundation Software.
  • Russ Petrus Dolbey
    Russ is a Project Manager at Dolbey.
  • Java Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
    Farzana is a Java Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase.
  • Jason Sirirathasuk AmTrust
    Jason works at AmTrust as a software engineer.
  • Greg Mahring LeanDog
    Greg is a software engineer at LeanDog.
  • April Woulard Dolbey
    April works at Dolbey as a Client Services Technician.
  • Divya is a Junior Software Developer at PartSource.
    Divya is a Junior Software Developer at PartSource.
  • James Sayers Hyland Software
    James works at Hyland Software as a Quality Analyst I.
  • Razvan landed a developer role at ExactCare Pharmacy.
    Razvan landed a developer role at ExactCare Pharmacy.
  • Brad landed a Developer I role with Medical Mutual.
    Brad landed a Developer I role with Medical Mutual.
  • Ali is a Junior Web Developer at Blackbird.
    Alexandria is a Junior Web Developer at Blackbird Digital.
  • Marc works at Nationwide Insurance as an Application Developer.
    Marc works at Nationwide Insurance as an Application Developer.
  • William is a Java Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase.
    William is a Java Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase.
  • Susan works at JP Morgan Chase as a Software Engineer.
    Susan works at JP Morgan Chase as a Software Engineer.
  • Brooke Hauser Headshot
    Brooke landed a developer role at Sogeti.
  • Stacey Spikes Breakthrough Schools
    Stacey landed an IT position at Breakthrough Schools.
  • Alex Badjun National General Insurance
    Alex is an Associate Business Systems Analyst at National General Insurance.
  • Brad Sweet BriteSkies
    Brad works at BriteSkies as a Junior Developer.
  • Diane Korpics Foundation Software
    Diane works at Foundation Software as a Junior Web Developer.
  • Coding Bootcamp Columbus
    Rebecca is a Java Applications Developer at Nationwide.
  • Coding boot camp Progressive
    Nichole landed at Progressive as an Associate Software Test Engineer.
  • Coding boot camp Cleveland Columbus
    Austen is a Full Stack Developer at Asurint.
  • 3d printer specialist MakerGear
    Jason works as a 3D printer support specialist at MakerGear.
  • Coding Bootcamp AMTrust
    Andy landed a position as a software engineer at AMTrust.
  • coding bootcamp student
    Olivia works at Purchase Ally as a UI/UX Developer.
  • Coding Bootcamp Software developer Dealer Tire
    Denisa landed as a web developer at Dealer Tire.
  • How to start a career in tech
    Seth is a software developer at JPMorgan Chase.
  • code academy
    Olay earned a highly competitive spot in Microsoft's LEAP program.
  • coding academy
    Dorothy works at Dakota Software as an software developer.
  • Coding Bootcamp joins Progressive
    Juan works at Progressive as an IT Applications Programmer Associate.
  • Rachel works in software development at AmTrust.
  • Tori works as a software developer at Hyland Software.
  • Meaghan Rea Assurex Health
    Meaghan is a Senior User Experience Developer at Assurex Health.
  • Karn, Joan, Malyssa, and Dion work as software developers at Cuyahoga Community College.
  • Code Academy
    Kyle works as a software developer at Foundation Software.
  • Dinah Umboh JPMorgan Chase
    Dinah works at JPMorgan Chase as an Infrastructure Support Analyst.
  • Coding Bootcamp (Student Stories)
    Cierra works as a mobile developer at abas*USA.
  • coding academy
    Katherine works as a software developer at OnBase / Hyland Software.
  • Brian Dyko Progressive Insurance
    Brian is an IT Application Developer Associate at Progressive Insurance.
  • coding academy python django
    Mary works developing testing software at AMTrust.
  • Lexus works in software development at JPMorgan Chase.
  • coding bootcamp cleveland poonam codes
    Poonam works as a software developer at OEConnection.
  • Rick Bruyere AmTrust
    Rick is working at AmTrust as a software engineer.
  • Tiffany Chuang Nationwide Insurance
    Tiffany is an Application Developer at Nationwide Insurance.
  • Columbus Cleveland Cincinnati Coding Bootcamp
    Holly works in the QA department as a software automated test engineer at Hyland Software.
  • Asurint_coding_bootcamp_grad
    Jason works as an Applications Developer at Asurint.
  • Kevin Gilfether ASPS
    Kevin is a Junior Developer at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • code academy
    Indira works as a software developer at TMW Systems.
  • Cadale works as a software developer at AMTrust.
  • David Gomez Progressive Insurance
    David works at Progressive Insurance as an Associate Application Developer.
  • Jamie Milhoan
    Hired before graduation, Jamie works as a software developer at JPMorgan Chase.
  • Code Academy
    Cameron works as a digital media specialist at DigitalC.
  • Tenecia Guinea Key Bank
    Tenecia landed a job as a developer at Key Bank.
  • Joderrick Golden Progressive Insurance
    Joderrick is an Associate Application Developer at Progressive Insurance.
  • Denise works as a Data Scientist at IBM / Watson.
  • Merichu Duncan KeyBank
    Merichu works at KeyBank as a software development engineer.
  • Kaitie Fox Splash Financial
    Kaitie is a Junior Developer at Splash Financial.
  • Prince works as a software developer at JPMorgan Chase.
  • Darin Meraz Chase
    Darín is a junior technology analyst at JPMorgan Chase.
  • Krista works as a software developer at OEConnection.
  • Ashley works as a software developer at AMTrust.
  • coding academy
    Jennifer works as a software applications developer at Spooner MAI.
  • coding bootcamp career services
    Cynthia is the Chief Technology/Student Achievement Officer at Tatonka Educational Services.
  • code academy
    Jed is a network engineer at Pillar Technology
  • coding academy coding bootcamp
    Jackie is a software applications developer at Haines & Co.
  • kim-coding-bootcamp
    Kim is a software developer at Foundation Software.
  • women in technology
    Margaret is a web developer at Kuvio Creative.
  • Coding Bootcamp
    Sean is a software developer at Depot Systems.
  • Ryan Sizer Logical Imagination
    Ryan works at Logical Imagination as a Technology Trainer / Software Developer.
  • Kirstin works as a software developer at American Greetings.
  • Mike Woods StaffTrak
    Mike is a Junior Software Developer at StaffTrak.
  • CJ works in web development, and as a QA Associate at Squints, Inc.
  • Jenny McCargish Kroger Technology
    Jenny is a Junior Release Manager at Kroger Technology.
  • Guyver is an Android developer at AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
  • Brian Tome Case Western University
    Brian works at Case Western Reserve University as a Junior Developer.
  • Developer at American Greetings
    Gabrielle is a Developer at American Greetings.
  • Coding Bootcamp Hyland Software
    Erica is working at Hyland Software as a junior software developer.
  • Cindy Colucy JPMorgan Chase
    Cindy works at JPMorgan Chase as a Software Engineer.
  • coding bootcamp student
    Marilee is a software developer at DataBP.
  • Joan is a software developer at Cuyahoga Community College.
  • Alexis Chandler GBS Corporation
    Alexis is starting as an Junior Programmer at GBS Corporation.
  • Brent Milan Nationwide
    Brent is a Software Engineer at Nationwide.
  • Karn is an application developer at Cuyahoga Community College.
  • Tiffany Dixon OverDrive
    Tiffany works at OverDrive as an Integration Specialist & is a budding entrepreneur!
  • Matt Fernandez Foundation Software
    Matt works at Foundation Software as a Web Developer.
  • Dion is an application developer at Cuyahoga Community College
  • Malyssa is an application developer at Cuyahoga Community College.
  • Carrie Ryan United Consumer Financial Services
    Carrie works at United Consumer Financial Services as a web developer.
  • Lakshami Mahajan The Refinery
    Lakshami is a Junior UI Developer at The Refinery.
  • Garrett Broberg Foundation Software
    Garrett is a junior web developer at Foundation Software.
  • Megan Korpics Foundation Software
    Megan works at Foundation Software as a junior web developer.
  • Andrew Serger Foundation Software
    Andrew is a junior web developer at Foundation Software.
  • Matthew Quinn Pillar Technology
    Matthew landed at highly regarded, Pillar Technology!
  • Sharon Parks Findaway
    Sharon works at Findaway as a UX Front-end Developer.
  • Liberty Wesley Foundation Software
    Liberty works at Foundation Software as a junior web developer.
  • Emmanuel Mugogo Nationwide
    Emmanuel works at Nationwide as a Systems Engineer.
  • Jael Jones iLabs
    Jael is a QA Analyst at iLabs.
  • John works as a Junior Front-End Developer at NetJets.
  • Coding Bootcamp Quadax
    Amanda is a programmer analyst at Quadax.

Day and Evening Coding Bootcamp Options

The same price for the same number of hours of instruction. Choose class times that work for you.

Full-time Days



9:30 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.
Hands-on instruction.
Cleveland and Columbus, OH.

Part-time Evenings



5:30 – 9:00 pm, Monday – Thursday.
Hands-on instruction.
Cleveland and Columbus, OH.

Coding Bootcamp Application Process


See If IT Coding Is Right For You

Take our assessment to see if our accelerated IT coding bootcamp is a good fit for you.

Apply to Bootcamp!

Fill out this short coding bootcamp application. It’s free and easy to apply!

Schedule an Interview

Schedule an interview with us at one of our computer coding information sessions.

Results-Oriented Progressive Tech Education

No matter which location or cohort you choose, we offer a modern educational experience including collaborative learning, capstone projects, and strong focus on career services.
agile approach
Collaborative Learning

We Can Code IT students solve a challenge together.

marketplace for humanity coding bootcamp
Agile Capstone Projects

Our coding bootcamp students present their capstone project to employers.

code academy
Career Services

Coding bootcamp student interviews with potential employer at Career Day.

Software Development Training

Learn software and web development skills in Cleveland or Columbus, Ohio in a progressive, collaborative atmosphere that best prepares you for real-world tech careers.

You’ll learn the most in-demand skills in the U.S., specialized based on the demands of each campus’ region.  Most importantly, know that you’ll learn languages and techniques that will soundly start you as a software developer, skills that will stay with you through your career, enabling you to specialize as you desire throughout.

Below, see the languages and skills you’ll experience during coding bootcamp. Bar graph lengths roughly correspond to the weight we place on each of the skills based on our findings of skills that employers find important, as well as skills that are typically harder (C#, Java, OO), or easier (HTML, CSS) to pick up on your own.

C# / .NET (Cleveland Campus)
Java (Columbus Campus)
Object Oriented Programming
Databases and SQL
Git / Github
Libraries / APIs
Special Topics (Data Structures, Algorithms . . .)
Agile Development

Additional Mentoring and Guidance

Small group and one-on-one help have been scientifically shown to increase student success! Not only do you receive expert instruction during regular coding bootcamp hours, we go above and beyond to ensure we help you meet your educational goals. We’re here to help when you need it through tutoring and mentoring services.

Small Group Tutoring

Small-group tutoring sessions to help you overcome hurdles. Tutoring increases student success.
coding bootcamp money back guarantee
Weekly Tutoring

WCCI students being tutored to help overcome blockers.

Weekly tutoring sessions with associate instructors there to go over topics in which you need additional help. Twice weekly for full-time students. Once a week for part-time students. Extra sessions at the end of cohort focusing on special-topics like algorithms, advanced MVC, etc (based on cohort interest).

One-on-One Assistance

There’s help when you need it using our Slack channels. Studies show one-on-one attention increases student learning by 2 sigmas!
coding bootcamp
Help at the ready through Slack

Columbus lead instructor assists students on Slack. Students share challenges and solutions.

From day 1, you’ll be introduced to our Slack channels where you’ll have the ability to reach your peers, career services, and instructors.

Opportunities for Growth

Invitations to events ranging from code competitions, curated meetups, seminars, hackathons, and more.
hackathons cleveland columbus
Special Events & More

WCCI students unite!

Get invited to area events to hone your skills. Take part in hackathons, code competitions, special talks, and more! Plus, gain special access to online We Can Code IT classes in order to increase your understanding of related topics during and after bootcamp.

Career Services

Our focus is your career!
Coding bootcamp career services
Career Services

Chief Career Strategist, Cynthia Trotta, assists a student preparing for an interview.

Our career strategists offer one-on-one assistance, group talks, as well as an online series to not only facilitate your career entry, but educate you in life-long career practices.

Career Difference (tm) Talks

OEConnection CIO talks to students about her journey in IT.

Special topics ranging from Imposter Syndrome and LinkedIn best practices, through Interview Prep help you not only get started in your career, but navigate it after you launch.

Professional Resume Services & Head Shots

We hire professional resume consultants and photographers so you present your best self.

When you’re examining your coding bootcamp investment, compare before and after resumes.  We hire industry experts to help you explain your journey in a professional manner.

Meet with Employers

JPMorgan Chase executive interviews coding bootcamp student.

We introduce you to employers and tech professionals throughout your bootcamp experience. This helps you with industry connections, and provides you with insight into careers in tech.

IT Coding Bootcamp Locations

We currently have 2 locations: Cleveland, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. Not in the area? Let’s chat about housing options.
cleveland columbus coding bootcamp
Cleveland Campus
50 Public Square
Suite 200
Cleveland, OH 44113
cleveland columbus coding bootcamp
Columbus Campus
2645 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43202

Upcoming Coding Bootcamp Sessions

Hurry, register now! Coding bootcamps fill up quickly. Keep a backup date in mind in case your desired cohort is filled.

november 2019

6nov12:00 pm- 1:00 pmVirtual Information Session - ONLINE EVENT

january 2020

13jan9:30 am- 3:30 pmColumbus In-Person Coding Bootcamp Spring 2020Java Focus

13jan9:30 am- 3:30 pmCleveland In-Person Coding Bootcamp Spring 2020C# Focus

What’s New