Coding Boot Camp : The fast approach to change careers & make more money.

Are you looking for a career relaunch? Maybe you have a college degree that isn’t highly marketable. Perhaps you’re unhappy with your current career direction and need a new option.

Many in those positions are turning to tech. From mobile apps to websites and software, tech is everywhere, and nobody is untouched by it.

Its proliferation into the market has a created a gigantic demand for tech companies to fill positions. By the year 2020 there will be 1,400,000 new jobs in tech. The average salary for a computer programmer is $76,000 and the average salary nationwide for software developers (software engineers) is $90,000. Those are huge salary jumps for most who want to change careers. Right now, there are more tech jobs than there are qualified people to fill them. That’s why coding boot camps are now popping up across the country.

A coding boot camp is an intensive educational program, typically 10-12 weeks long, that teaches computer programming and software development skills needed to land a job in tech. (Read a previous blog post — What’s a Coding Boot Camp? — to find out more about code boot camps.)

Code boot camps offer a great alternative to traditional four-year and two-year schools. A coding boot camp includes only computer programming courses. Averaging about $10,000 for tuition, they also cost less than four-year and two-year schools, and due to the expedited time it takes to graduate, students can start earning their new higher salaries much faster than they would in longer programs, saving a great deal of money in the long run. Students can typically earn back what they spent on bootcamp tuition within only three months of graduating.

A good coding boot camp also offers career services and job placement for its students, including career changers. Coding boot camps work with employer partners who participate in career days and mentoring. The employer partners also interview students for jobs. This provides a great path for boot camp students to change careers soon after they graduate .

If you’re a career changers who already has a degree, a coding boot camp is a great approach. You’ll get the education you need to start a lucrative new career in tech.