JP Morgan Chase Columbus
JP Morgan Chase will host the Inclusion in Tech Conference on Tuesday, December 6 at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Working with close partners the Ohio Collaboration of Inclusion in Computing (OCWiC) and We Can Code It, the half-day conference aims to inform women about the career opportunities within computer science and information technology (IT) professions.
Attendees will hear from female software developers, quality assurance (QA) specialists and senior IT managers who will provide insight into their technology backgrounds, what interested them about their chosen fields and the roles and responsibilities for their positions. The agenda for the Inclusion in Tech Conference includes:
Welcome presentation from Brenda Kirk, senior vice president of corporate strategy and product at JP Morgan Chase
“Choosing a Career in Computing” panel discussion
Presentation from We Can Code It Founder and CEO, Mel McGee
“Our Inclusion in Tech Conference will encourage women to seek career opportunities within the technology sector,” said Brenda Kirk, senior vice president of corporate strategy and product at JP Morgan Chase. “We’ve arranged for an amazing group of presenters and technology professionals in hopes of sparking attendees’ interest and awareness in technology professions.”
Registration for the conference is free and open to the public.
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