We Can Code IT Coding Bootcamp Becomes Certified

We Can Code IT is proud to announce that our coding bootcamp is now a registered certified school in the State of Ohio. We took this step to assure our students that they’re always provided with the most accurate information about graduation and placement rates, refund policies, and expectations about enrollment.

It’s in students’ best interests for all schools to comply with state laws, yet most coding bootcamps simply dismiss that step. Only a handful of coding bootcamps in the country have become registered in their states, which means all of the others are completely unregulated, leaving their students, some of whom pay $20,000 for tuition, vulnerable to fraud. They’re also not required to provide potential students with curriculum, graduation rates, or job placement rates.

We Can Code IT is happy to give all students an enrollment agreement clearly outlining requirements and policies, we provide funds to our students in certain situations, and potential students can view a course catalog that includes a description of all courses before they apply. These materials help students make informed decisions about their education.

Other state mandates that protect our students include grievance procedures, a set number of hours spent teaching each subject, and clarity of grading processes.

“Becoming a registered certified school in Ohio puts our students’ needs first,” says We Can Code IT CEO Mel McGee. “Potential students can make informed educational decisions, and current students know what to expect from We Can Code IT bootcamps.”

We Can Code IT bootcamps will be reviewed at least every two years when our certificate of registration is renewed, ensuring continual compliance with Ohio laws and regulations.

Becoming a registered school is a step in the right direction not just for We Can Code IT, but for all coding bootcamps. Registered certified schools give students peace-of-mind that program information is accurate, and that students’ finances are protected.

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