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We Can Code IT represents at The Hill & Microsoft’s Policy Discussion on Computer Science Education


We Can Code IT instructor, Lauren Holloway, speaks on The Workforce of the Future: A Policy Discussion on STEM and Computer Science Education Cleveland's own We Can Code IT speaks at The Workforce of the Future: A Policy Discussion on STEM and Computer Science education. The panel, consisting of We Can Code IT instructor Lauren Holloway, Microsoft Executive Vice President Peggy Johnson, and STEM Coalition Executive Director James Brown, will discuss America's long-term global competitiveness as it relates to STEM and Computer Science. Given that 2/3 of jobs in STEM will soon be in the field of Computer Science, our workforce needs to be [...]

We Can Code IT represents at The Hill & Microsoft’s Policy Discussion on Computer Science Education2016-07-21T01:26:18-04:00

Katherine Lands Her Dream Job at Hyland!


When Katherine graduated from college, her business administration degree helped her land a job as a content marketing specialist, but she aspired to much more. After attending a coding school in Miami, she decided she needed more. She found We Can Code IT, learned skills that high-paying employers were seeking, and landed her dream job at Hyland software! [timeline-express timeline="73"]

Katherine Lands Her Dream Job at Hyland!2016-07-03T17:06:42-04:00

Scrum Essentials: Exercise in Estimating Relative Effort (Team)


Estimating Relative Effort: A Scrum Team Exercise Thanks to Tomasz de Jastrzebiec Wykowski for this idea. Estimating relative effort can be more complex than it looks. In this exercise, you will work with your teammates to explore estimating the effort it would take to throw different objects. Gather a Scrum team (6 +/- 3 people), and get ready to play planning poker in order to estimate based on the following: "Given a series of objects, each object must be thrown and must fly at least 3 feet."

Scrum Essentials: Exercise in Estimating Relative Effort (Team)2015-08-28T20:27:45-04:00

We Can Code IT Finds New Headquarters at Shaker LaunchHouse


  WE CAN CODE IT FINDS NEW HEADQUARTERS AT SHAKER LAUNCHHOUSE The coworking space will be home to offices, classroom and event space Cleveland, OH — June 8, 2015 — We Can Code IT, a Cleveland-based social good organization empowering women and diverse populations in technology, has relocated to Shaker LaunchHouse, a coworking space and entrepreneurial community based in Shaker Heights. The 23,000 square foot space will act as company offices and classroom space for the coding bootcamp. We Can Code IT offers various programs including all women and co-ed bootcamps as well as youth and teen camps. Courses range from [...]

We Can Code IT Finds New Headquarters at Shaker LaunchHouse2015-06-12T18:28:52-04:00

How to Become a Web Developer


Learn the skills you need to know to become a web developer. I'll share everything I know. Nearly 20 yrs later, I have yet to stop learning.

How to Become a Web Developer2020-04-23T16:04:57-04:00

The Decline of Women in Technology


Only 12% of all computer science graduates are women, but it wasn't always this way. See what happened & how we will change the face of IT.

The Decline of Women in Technology2015-01-29T11:38:39-05:00

You Don’t Look Like a Programmer


After talking about the weather, one of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation with someone is to ask them "what do you do?" Like you, I've been asked this a lot. I don't know what kind of responses you get, but one of the top ten I receive is, "Really? You don't look like a programmer!" I usually smile, and try to find something witty to say, often asking them in return what they think a programmer should look like.

You Don’t Look Like a Programmer2020-05-04T16:07:48-04:00

Computer Science Training for Educators!


Our computer science training for educators' classes are online, but in real-time, so you can ask questions and get help immediately! Have to miss a class? No problem. Just review the recorded ...

Computer Science Training for Educators!2014-11-12T15:52:03-05:00

We Can Code IT Reaches Out at Ingenuity Fest


Over 3,000 people gathered at IngenuityFest in Cleveland, and for the second year in a row, We Can Code IT engaged visitors with our technology outreach program. We delighted guests with our Artificial Intelligence chatbots, Skeletorbot and Zoebot. We enthralled Clevelanders with our Community Glass display. We taught visitors about computational thinking through the programming language, Scratch. The event culminated with Mel speaking as a panelist, explaining the importance of getting girls and women in to tech, at Meet the Makers. Thank you to our amazing volunteers! These wonderful images are provided by Lauren Holloway.

We Can Code IT Reaches Out at Ingenuity Fest2014-09-29T08:45:29-04:00
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