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Hour of Code: Unplugged Computational Thinking Activity In Action


We were ready to teach kids how to code using a our Create your own Virtual Pet in Scratch workbook. Esperanza was prepared on their end with a brand new computer center. Everything was in place to get kids coding during the week of an Hour of Code. And then the inevitable happened. Esperanza's new computers went down right as we were getting started. This could have been disastrous, but we came prepared. We just so happened to have our Unplugged Code activity handy.

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IT’s For Girls — Girls in STEM


  We Can Code IT Mentors Northeast Ohio 8th Grade Girls On Tuesday, December 9th, We Can Code It mentored girls at IT's For Girls, an event in which 8th grade girls from school districts in Northeast Ohio get together to participate in STEM projects and meet professional women in tech fields. The annual day-long event provides middle school girls with information and incentive to pursue their interests in STEM-related subjects and IT careers. The  program is presented by and takes place at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. It includes six different STEM activities for the girls, including 3D printing and math activities. [...]

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You Don’t Look Like a Programmer


After talking about the weather, one of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation with someone is to ask them "what do you do?" Like you, I've been asked this a lot. I don't know what kind of responses you get, but one of the top ten I receive is, "Really? You don't look like a programmer!" I usually smile, and try to find something witty to say, often asking them in return what they think a programmer should look like.

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Hour of Code Unplugged: Computational Thinking without a Computer


Believe it or not, you don't need to have access to computers to teach kids computational thinking.  Students can learn some important practices with just a paper and a pencil. Here's a project kids can complete without any computer access. Even if you have your Hour of Code project ready to go online, you may want to keep this nearby as a handy backup in case the unexpected happens.

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Make Your Own Haunted House Game in Scratch!


Download the 40+ page Workbook for FREE! Computer Classes in Cleveland Girls, ages 8 through 16, will love learning how to create an interactive haunted house using the simple to use programming language, Scratch! Girls will have a blast designing and creating their scenes and characters,  coding commands to make the haunted house come to life! They are having fun, while expressing their creativity and learning programming! Our end goal is to immerse them in the creation of tech, and provide computational skills that will help them excel in the 21st century. Girls, ages 8 - 16, love it because they are making an interactive [...]

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We Can Code IT Reaches Out at Ingenuity Fest


Over 3,000 people gathered at IngenuityFest in Cleveland, and for the second year in a row, We Can Code IT engaged visitors with our technology outreach program. We delighted guests with our Artificial Intelligence chatbots, Skeletorbot and Zoebot. We enthralled Clevelanders with our Community Glass display. We taught visitors about computational thinking through the programming language, Scratch. The event culminated with Mel speaking as a panelist, explaining the importance of getting girls and women in to tech, at Meet the Makers. Thank you to our amazing volunteers! These wonderful images are provided by Lauren Holloway.

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What Is a Programming Language?


Curious about what programming languages are? Watch this video to learn about how to make a computer do your bidding!

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