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We Can Code IT Chosen as Education Partner for Amazon’s Career Choice Program


We Can Code IT, a tech education provider, has been selected as an education partner for Amazon’s Career Choice program for the third consecutive year. This program provides prepaid tuition for Amazon's hourly employees to learn new skills. We Can Code IT contributes its award-winning software and web development course to the initiative, supporting Amazon's commitment to employee empowerment and continuous learning.

We Can Code IT Chosen as Education Partner for Amazon’s Career Choice Program2023-05-31T11:38:34-04:00

Congrats, Amazon Associates!


Discover how Amazon Associates are transforming their careers with We Can Code IT's part-time Java coding bootcamp through the Amazon Career Choice program. Empower your employees or join our upcoming cohorts with free tuition. Boost your tech skills today!

Congrats, Amazon Associates!2023-05-31T11:39:51-04:00

Kevin’s Story


Discover how We Can Code IT's veteran-friendly coding bootcamp transformed Kevin's career, empowering him to transition from the Marine Corps to a thriving tech job as a software engineer.

Kevin’s Story2023-04-25T11:30:35-04:00

Zaylet’s Story


Zaylet, a former accounting student in Puerto Rico, shares her journey of discovering her passion for software development. Through Amazon's Career Choice Program and attending We Can Code IT, she overcame imposter syndrome.

Zaylet’s Story2023-04-06T10:55:05-04:00

Jack’s Story


Jack recently started his professional career in sales after his college graduation. He enrolled in our coding bootcamp once he realized sales was not the career for him. Today, Jack works for Key Bank as a Credit Risk Analyst. Check out his story here!

Jack’s Story2023-02-09T11:53:04-05:00

Jonelle’s Story


Jonelle, one of the Graduate Speakers for our Friday Spotlights, was a cosmetology instructor when she realized it was time to switch up her career. Click here to learn how Jonelle matched her career to fit her interests.

Jonelle’s Story2023-01-19T11:16:39-05:00
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