We Can Code IT Demo Day Provides Opportunities to Recruit Top-notch Software Developers


We Can Code IT (WCCI) is hosting a Demo Day hiring event on April 20th, 2022 from 1-2:30 pm EST. Demo Day showcases top-notch talent as WCCI grads present their capstone projects, network, and field interview questions while interacting with prospective employers.

We Can Code IT Demo Day Provides Opportunities to Recruit Top-notch Software Developers2022-04-01T16:49:39-04:00

WCCI Selected by Amazon as Software Development Training Partner


We Can Code IT (WCCI) has been named as one of 10 Ohio-based schools chosen by Amazon to offer training to Amazon employees. WCCI was chosen based on its strong reputation as “Best Bootcamp” and history of training and placing its student and graduate populations...

WCCI Selected by Amazon as Software Development Training Partner2022-03-14T10:38:39-04:00

Brandon Terry’s Story


Brandon was a supervisor at the Cleveland Museum of Art when he started searching for ways to get involved in tech. Although he didn’t have any education in computers, he wanted to make a serious career change to the tech industry that would improve his quality of life. 

Brandon Terry’s Story2022-02-22T13:09:40-05:00

Krystyna Ewing’s Story


Krystyna had a job in creative design before bootcamp, but wanted to expand their tech knowledge in new ways. They attended a different coding bootcamp before We Can Code IT, but the program was not the right fit. However, the second time was a charm for Krystyna. 

Krystyna Ewing’s Story2022-01-21T15:14:34-05:00

Jordan Easter’s Story


Jordan was a carpenter before he decided to attend our coding bootcamp. He was able to pursue a new career because of a grant from Ohio Means Jobs. Jordan was hired quickly after following instructions perfectly from our Career Advancement team. Read his story here!

Jordan Easter’s Story2021-12-23T10:34:32-05:00

Nina Payne’s Story


Nina Payne was a year into a bachelor's program for computer science when she discovered We Can Code IT's coding program. She quickly transitioned out of the bachelors program and into bootcamp. then landed a job before she graduated from her 14 week program.

Nina Payne’s Story2021-12-22T12:29:59-05:00
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