November 4, 2019

Bootcamp Graduate Jon Cunicella Follows His Passions

Bootcamp Graduate Jon Cunicella Follows His Passions to Becoming a Professional Developer We Can Code IT graduate Jon Cunicella had been interested in coding since he took an intro course his last semester of college. However Jon needed a little extra support to take off his career in coding. After attending our coding bootcamp Jon was able to use our career service tips to land a job as a developer with Chase. Learn more about Jon’s journey from an apprehensive student of coding to a professional working developer.
October 28, 2019
Coding Bootcamp Graduate Ohio

Student Becomes First Woman Developer at Scriptdrop

Columbus Coding Bootcamp Grad Becomes First Woman Developer at Scriptdrop  After graduating college and landing a job working with databases Izzy’s curiosity began to grow and she needed to find a way to satisfy it. Her experience with databases always sparked an interest in software development but she needed to find a learning an environment that fit and matched her values. After attending an Admissions Open House and meeting the We Can Code IT staff, she decided that We Can Code IT would the perfect place to provide her with what she needed to take the leap into learning code. Learn more about Izzy’s journey and how the learning environment impacted her experience by preparing her to become the FIRST woman developer at her new job with Scriptdrop. 
October 21, 2019

Mallory Bush Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Student Story

Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Grad Finds Her Passion and Lands Her Dream Role in UX Design Mallory was working in retail when she made her decision to join We Can Code IT. Unsatisfied with the work she had been doing she was determined to find a path that would leave her feeling fulfilled. She found her passion at We Can Code IT. With the help of her cohorts and instructors she was able to learn, grow, and discover her love for UX design. Mallory’s story shows how experiencing We Can Code IT can lead you to many different path, though ultimately finding the best path that works for you. Learn more about how Mallory landed her dream role with a company she really enjoys.
September 7, 2018

From Bicycle Mechanic to Developer: Brad’s Success After Coding Bootcamp

From Bicycle Mechanic to Developer: Brad’s Success After Coding Bootcamp After working in the bicycle industry for 10 years, Brad knew he needed to make a big career change. He decided to attend We Can Code IT to get the skills to become a developer. “I had no business sitting at this table for an interview without the experiences I had at We Can Code IT.” – Brad Sweet, Junior Microsoft Developer at Briteskies  
May 23, 2018

Brian Lands New Career at the #1 Company on His Interview Bucket List

Brian first sparked interest in working at Progressive after they showcased their company to his cohort. Just a few weeks after graduating from We Can Code IT, Brian started a new career at Progressive!
May 10, 2018

Emmanuel Goes from Customer Service Representative to Systems Engineer

Before We Can Code IT, Emmanuel worked as a customer service representative. After attending We Can Code IT, Emmanuel landed a systems engineer position at Nationwide Insurance!