How do I get a job?


Our team works with you from the first week of class until you start you new career. We then engage graduates to assist them in career development. We work on resume and interview skills, your "bucket list" of employers, your career path, and more. You will be introduced to our large network of employer partners throughout the coding bootcamp, and will have a Demo Day where you interview with employers at the end. We are always here as a career resource for you, even after you graduate.

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What skills will I learn?


We immerse you in front-end and back-end coding skills that employers want. We teach you the skills most in-demand in your area! Our coding bootcamp teaches the following towards full-stack development: Web Development and front-end coding skills. Software Development and backend coding skills. .NET development using C# (Cleveland) Java development (Columbus) Databases / SQL. Object-oriented design. Agile practices. Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns.

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Why We Can Code IT


We know how to help those who haven't felt invited to the table! We give you a strong foundation so you learn a new way to think; a framework to understanding not only programming, but problem solving in many areas of technology, and life. What sets us apart: Project-based learning to maximize your comprehension. Accelerated learning that prepares you for a new career in Technology. Teachers, teaching assistants, and mentors as tutors in-house and online when you have questions. Career services and development specializing on needs of women and people of color in tech. We work with you until you get a job. A [...]

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