Bootcamp Graduate Without Prior Tech Experience Lands A Job as a Software Developer

Brandon was a supervisor at the Cleveland Museum of Art when he started searching for ways to get involved in tech. Although he didn’t have any education in computers, he wanted to make a serious career change to the tech industry that would improve his quality of life. 

Brandon Terry quote

After doing extensive research and listening to recommendations, Brandon decided We Can Code IT was the best coding bootcamp for him. There was one unique quality that specifically drew Brandon to We Can Code IT. “ I like how they encourage diversity. That stuck out to me,” he said.  

The instructors and career advancement coaches were sure to give Brandon their time and dedication to ensure he landed a job in his newly chosen field in no time. “Everyone was super friendly and willing to help. There are always resources to get help, and I was surprised by how willing everyone was to be extra and help out. “ Brandon was able to persevere through bootcamp by utilizing WCCI’s extensive resources

The career advancement team, in particular, had a huge impact on how Brandon was able to perform during the job search process. “Career advancement helped immensely,” he said. “I told them they don’t get enough credit. They helped me in my research and were with us every step of the way. From reaching out to hiring managers to resume work and everything I didn’t think of before. They honed in and helped us prepare for the job search process.“

Brandon enjoyed the structure and companionship throughout his bootcamp experience. Now that he’s working in tech, he’s able to see that the bootcamp is structured to mimic real-world software development job conditions and projects. “I don’t know if I could have done it by myself. The structure of the program helped a lot in my situation. Working on specific projects in groups really helped me learn things I could not have gotten by myself. It was essential to my learning,“ said Brandon. 

While reflecting on his bootcamp experience, Brandon left us with a closing remark. “I think We Can Code IT is wildly successful for those who have a passion and want to make a career change by learning how to code. It’s difficult at times, but every resource imaginable is there at your fingertips to get you where you want to go. I think it’s an amazing program with a lot of upsides which help take your career to the next level.” Brandon highly recommends changing your career to tech and allowing the We Can Code IT staff to help hone your skills. 

Today, Brandon works as a Microsoft .NET framework software developer at Marcus Thomas. He continues to expand his tech knowledge by utilizing the techniques he was taught during bootcamp. 

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