Full-stack Coding Bootcamp

By working in a simulated work environment as a web or software developer, you will emerge from the We Can Code IT Coding Bootcamp with skills to start a career in web development, software development, software test-engineer, QA, and related highly stable, and high-paying fields!

The benefit of our unique hands-on, problem and project-based approach,  is that you have a natural head start over other graduates as you’ll be completing projects as if you were working in the field!

Build Your Future With We Can Code IT

Throughout your software development education, you’ll learn job skills that will last a lifetime. Your student success coach will work with you to discover your strengths, learn your passion, and communicate these to employers through resume-building, Linked In networking,  interviewing skills, personal branding, and more!


    Learn modern implementations of the core .NET coding language C#, along with languages and practices such as  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Object-Oriented programming, APIs, REST plus supporting languages and tools!


    We don’t dumb this down. You’ll learn best practices from our problem and project based approach. Our educators will guide you through Git and GitHub to share your code and project status with teams. You’ll learn to use tools like Slack to communicate with your team and share ideas.  Git Bash and other command line interfaces are used to give you solid understandings and good practices that will last a lifetime.


    Test-driven development, pair-programming, and Scrum are at the heart of our working paradigm. Clean coding practices start in week one. Unlike other colleges or coding bootcamps, we teach you the best techniques so that you develop solid software development practices that will put you ahead of the pack, and last a lifetime!


    Develop your software and web skills while working on problems and projects, ultimately giving you a portfolio of work!


    Our goal is your career! We work with you throughout coding bootcamp to hone your interview, networking, LinkedIn and resume skills.  Presentations from and Matchmaking events with employers start you networking even during bootcamp.

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