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We Can Code IT Offers Funding Options for Veterans!
The only coding bootcamp in Cleveland, Ohio that helps Veterans focus on rapidly becoming software developers using their Post 9/11 Bill! We are approved for Chapter 33 and 31 funding. 

Chapter 31, Post-9/11 GI Bill Funding

Attend We Can Code IT using your GI Bill. You and often your dependents can qualify for your full education, housing, and supplies!

Post 9/11 GI Bill

Chapter 31 Funding For Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities.

You can attend We Can Code IT using your Chapter 31 benefits!

Chapter 31 Funding for Disabled Vets

Veteran Pete Fittante spent his career in the military as a First Class Petty Officer, then as a First Class Diver. After a somewhat difficult adjustment to civilian life, Pete transitioned into tech as a network administrator leading teams at National City Bank. He eventually found out about software development and the great pay, small-team orientation, and flexibility it offered. He attended We Can Code IT using VA benefits, and started the next chapter of his life.

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Pete Fittante

“When people come out of the military they are used to structure. Coding is all about structure. All about challenges. All about teamwork. Those 3 things are what you learn in the military.”

Get Your VA-Related Questions Answered

We Can Code IT’s Pillars for Your Success

We Can Code IT teaches you software development in months, not years, with a focus on real-world concepts and practices. You’ll gain the skills employers are looking for during our convenient day or evening “boot camps.” Unlike many other accelerated courses and standard college classrooms, we do this using modern and scientific educational methods, focusing on project-based learning. Our goal is to help you start not just a job, but a career. Career services are built right into the curriculum. Our goal is your employment.

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Coding as Craft

We’re not your mom’s school. No more boring college-style lectures where a prof reads to you out of the book. We’re different. Coding is a craft and it needs to be practiced and lived to be learned. We use scientifically-based educational principles, embracing problem- and project-based learning, primarily Korda Method. We abhor the “We’ve always done it that way” mentality that values convenience for the administrators over best educational practices. No, we need to facilitate your learning of some pretty hard stuff in a short period of time, we do this using smart, modern educational methods. You’ll learn best practices, solid foundations of coding, and how to integrate multiple technologies together to craft software and web applications. As a coder, you’ll be a lifelong learner. We live project-based strategies in order to train your brain how to think like a software developer.


When you think of a computer science classroom, even other coding bootcamps, you’re probably envisioning guys nerding-out in a seclusionary, cave-like manner, staring at each other’s shoes . . . if they’re extroverted that is. Guess what, the best coders aren’t those guys. Modern coding practices are innovative and collaborative. Sure, you’ll work alone sometimes, but also in pairs, and on teams – just like the real-world. Imagine that! You’ll learn how to use collaboration tools, like Git and Github, so you don’t step on toes. You’ll learn Agile practices, like Scrum, to manage team innovation. You’ll not only learn from our instructional facilitators, but from each other in the process. It’s part of the magic of We Can Code IT.

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Community Events


You’ll have opportunities to join in programming hackathons, meetups, and cool coding and career events throughout your area. Want to lend a hand at one of our community outreach sessions? Just sign up! Community is important for several reasons including idea-sharing, career building, and, of course, skill-development. We really push you to get out there. Introverted? No problem, you’ll have your cohort team to lean on. We want you to have a network both within We Can Code IT and outside of us. We help you get out of your isolation so you can live life to its fullest! Go ahead, make something, break something, and meet people like you!

Social Consciousness

Coding is a way to change lives, get your message across, invent, and stir things up. It’s the perfect canvas for you to paint your life’s story. We Can Code IT knows that giving back will help you lead your most fulfilling life. Many of our students choose socially-minded projects to work on during the final weeks of coding bootcamp. They’ve built crime finders, urban garden apps, better community information websites, web apps that help keep kids safe, help disabled vets, and so many more. We believe you get what you give.

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Your Career

Every part of We Can Code IT is focused on your career. If you don’t make it, we don’t make it. We believe in teaching you how to fish, and hey, showing you where those fish are, but we don’t give you the fish. Why? Because we want you to have career success, not just a short-term gain. You’ll identify your “bucket list” of employers and your career path. You’ll learn how to interview and how to network. You’ll work on your resume and LinkedIn profile. You’ll meet employers and coders throughout the process to learn what’s out there and where you fit in.

Loved By Students!


Jamie Milhoan

After leaving college & being told she’d never make it, Jamie was hired before graduating. She’s a software dev at Chase earning 3x her previous salary!

Greg Mahring

Greg needed a change after years in CAD. We Can Code IT skilled him up & helped him land at the creative, highly selective tech innovation firm, LeanDog.

Erica Schulstad

Erica was degreed in BioEthics, but couldn’t find her place in the workforce. After gaining skills with We Can Code IT, she landed her dream job at Hyland Software.

Juan Granda

Juan received a job offer before graduation. As a software developer with Progressive, he now earns much more and leads a balanced life with his family.

Darin Meraz

Darin worked at Esperanza prior to joining We Can Code IT. After receiving multiple offers, she chose a dev role at JPMorgan Chase earning twice as much.

Denise Williams

Denise had her MBA, but not the tech skills to set her apart from the crowd. After attending We Can Code IT, she landed her dream job with a great salary at IBM!


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