Before and After Coding Bootcamp

Deciding to take the leap into software development is a challenge all of our past students have faced. Hear from some of our 2018 graduates about how they felt before the start of bootcamp, why they decided to pursue coding, and how they feel after graduation.

Joshua Echt

“Before I started class, I had that sinking feeling that comes as a Cleveland Browns fan: How did I wind up here and did I make the right choice, or will I go full Browns and mess this up? At the time I lacked confidence in my coding skills and kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I knew I couldn’t quit.

I was told about We Can Code IT through a mutual friend, who was a student in a prior cohort. She switched her career field from biology to tech and did very well after graduating the bootcamp. I started researching bootcamps in the region, and I fell in love with We Can Code IT after I attended an information session. I went to another bootcamp’s open house, but I felt like a number and not a person. At We Can Code IT, I felt like it was family.

Now, I feel SO much more confident in my abilities. The instructors had us find the answers on our own and didn’t spoon-feed us. In the long run, I think it truly helped. I am so blessed to have gone through the program, not just because I did well in it, but because it taught me how to teach myself future skills.”

Previous coding experience: Novice (completed some online tutorials or short courses)


Susan Wendt

“Before the first day of We Can Code IT, I was nervous about a career change, excited, and mostly relieved to not be going back to my old job.

My professional background as a Technical Recruiter gave me a good amount of insight that I should pursue a career in coding. I learned that IT is an ever-expanding industry in desperate need of diversity and also offers high salaries. As for the work, coding is for analytical and logical thinkers; anyone with a good work ethic who enjoys puzzles and problem-solving. There are more career paths than most people realize and many roles require teamwork, sociability, creativity, and innovation.

Now that I’ve finished the program, I realize that coding is much more approachable than many programmers present it.”

Previous coding experience: Tinkerer (dabbled a few times)


Bakari Lewis

“Before the first day of class, I was nervous and very intimidated. I thought everyone in the class would be extremely advanced and that I would be overwhelmed.

I always had an interest in learning how to create websites and how the web works. However, I did not want to go back to college, get into more debt and wait 3 years to finish. So, I began learning on w3schools and researching different coding bootcamps. My cousin recommended We Can Code IT, and the rest was history!

Now that I’ve finished the program, I love coding! I am always problem solving and the challenges do not stress me out. It’s very easy to learn once you believe you can.”

Previous coding experience: Tinkerer (dabbled a few times)


Marc Gold

“Starting class, I was cautiously optimistic. Software Development was what I wanted to do in the first place coming out of high school, but I got derailed by not being in a program that properly supported me or suited my learning style.

After hitting a wall at my previous job with how far I could advance in the education field, I started looking into the coding bootcamps, which involved going to open houses and reading program reviews on sites like CourseReport. After careful research, I decided to attend We Can Code IT.

While attending, I realized that this is, in fact, the right environment for me to learn how to code. I feel vastly more confident in my current ability and my ability to learn new tech than I did in undergrad.”

Previous coding experience: Amateur (knew how to sling some code)


Julia Pretzlaff

“At the beginning of the program, I was nervous because I knew the course was going to be very fast paced.

I decided to pursue a career in coding because I wanted to have a job with flexibility. I did some research online and via word of mouth about bootcamps in Cleveland and decided that We Can Code IT was the right fit for me.

After the program, I realize that there is a lot to learn in this field and I must be disciplined in continuing to educate myself.”

Previous coding experience: Novice (completed some online tutorials or short courses)


Anthony DeMeglio

“Before attending We Can Code IT, I was excited to start and a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.

Learning to code was something I was entertaining when an opportunity at work gave me the chance to find a coding bootcamp to attend. We Can Code IT became my pick thanks to the flexible hours available with their part-time coding program.

Now, I love to code! It allows me to be technical but still pull from my creative side.”

Previous coding experience: Tinkerer (dabbled a few times)


Divya Nagaraj

“After having kids and taking a break in my career, getting back into the workforce was hard. One of my friends had mentioned We Can Code IT and how it changed her life. I did some research about coding bootcamps and decided to enroll.

From there, my life changed. I gained a lot of knowledge about coding. The instructors were very supportive and knowledgeable and Career Services helped me build confidence and supported me in each and every step for my success.

Within a week of graduating from We Can Code IT, I got a job offer for a Software Engineer position at PartsSource. I am so excited to start my career as a Software Engineer! It was my best decision ever to attend We Can Code IT.”

Previous coding experience: Novice (completed some online tutorials or short courses)


Nicholas Domitio

“Before bootcamp, I was excited about taking the first steps towards the rest of my life but very nervous and apprehensive.

I decided to become a developer because I was just looking for something that would provide a rewarding challenge and give me the means to better the world around me.

I could not be any happier. I have found something that I love to do.”

Previous coding experience: Tinkerer (dabbled a few times)


John Baltes

“I had a very high expectation for the program and an understanding of the rapid pace in which we would be learning. To say the least, I was nervous, yet extremely excited to get started.

When I had decided to go back to school in 2013 I was set on becoming a Computer Science Engineer, though I changed career choices early on to Geography and GIS. Fast forward 5 years and I am back to where I started, wanting to be in the field of computer science, but with an extraordinary amount of other knowledge. I am grateful I found We Can Code IT when I did, it reminded me of what I had originally wanted to pursue in being a professional programmer.

My knowledge of code is surreal, after leaving We Can Code IT I am 100% confident in my skills. This bootcamp did an amazing job of preparing me for the world of development and for that, I am very grateful.”

Previous coding experience: Tinkerer (dabbled a few times)