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Do I need programming experience?


Although we don't require programming experience, we want you to have tried this out prior to enrolling in coding bootcamp to see if it's a good fit. How? Check out our 10-day learn to code email series or one of our coding events in Cleveland or Columbus. You might also want to try online tutorials from Codecademy. Our application process includes an assessment that tests your problem-solving skills to make sure you are ready for the rigorous pace of the class.

Do I need programming experience?2020-04-28T18:02:43-04:00

What skills will I learn?


We immerse you in front-end and back-end coding skills that employers want. We teach you the skills most in-demand in your area! Our coding bootcamp teaches the following towards full-stack development: Web Development and front-end coding skills. Software Development and backend coding skills. .NET development using C# (Cleveland) Java development (Columbus) Databases / SQL. Object-oriented design. Agile practices. Model-View-Controller (MVC) patterns.

What skills will I learn?2016-07-09T20:50:58-04:00

Why We Can Code IT


We know how to help those who haven't felt invited to the table! We give you a strong foundation so you learn a new way to think; a framework to understanding not only programming, but problem solving in many areas of technology, and life. What sets us apart: Project-based learning to maximize your comprehension. Accelerated learning that prepares you for a new career in Technology. Teachers, teaching assistants, and mentors as tutors in-house and online when you have questions. Career services and development specializing on needs of women and people of color in tech. We work with you until you get a job. A [...]

Why We Can Code IT2016-07-09T20:08:02-04:00

Lexus lands job at JP Morgan Chase During Coding Bootcamp!


Lexus Davis studied engineering management at Ohio University, but found out after graduating that getting a job without having coding skills is very difficult. Employers wanted her to have real skills to bring to the table. That's when she found We Can Code IT's coding bootcamp and her dreams took off! During bootcamp, she got a very lucrative job offer from JP Morgan Chase where she is now working as a Technology Analyst. [timeline-express timeline="80"]

Lexus lands job at JP Morgan Chase During Coding Bootcamp!2016-07-03T22:49:09-04:00

Ashley Shows Them What She’s Made Of!


Ashley hated her college experience, not because she wasn't bright, but because it dragged on and became difficult to manage. After a bad marriage, and an unfulfilling job, Ashley felt hopeless. That's when her friend, Krista, told her about We Can Code IT. She found the atmosphere perfect for her. She picked her self up, and joined We Can Code IT's part-time coding bootcamp. In the end, she triumphed over her naysayers, those who didn't believe she could succeed in her career, and landed a great job that she loves before she even graduated! [timeline-express timeline="75"]

Ashley Shows Them What She’s Made Of!2016-07-03T18:20:43-04:00

Katherine Lands Her Dream Job at Hyland!


When Katherine graduated from college, her business administration degree helped her land a job as a content marketing specialist, but she aspired to much more. After attending a coding school in Miami, she decided she needed more. She found We Can Code IT, learned skills that high-paying employers were seeking, and landed her dream job at Hyland software! [timeline-express timeline="73"]

Katherine Lands Her Dream Job at Hyland!2016-07-03T17:06:42-04:00

We Can Code IT: Diversity in Tech


We Can Code IT's coding bootcamp is changing the image of computer programmers! Our inclusive efforts have been noted by many local new sources, including this article in Crain's Cleveland Business. By CHUCK SODER Like other coding bootcamps, We Can Code IT says it can teach you the basics of coding in three months. But unlike other coding bootcamps, We Can Code IT is actively seeking out students who don't look much like the stereotypical coder (picture Mark Zuckerberg — or any other young, nerdy white guy). That's how founder Mel McGee planned it. One of the company's goals is to help diversify [...]

We Can Code IT: Diversity in Tech2016-06-27T01:22:50-04:00

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech


Mel McGee, CEO of We Can Code IT, recognizes a need in the community to get underserved populations the tech skills they need for new lucrative IT careers. “Engineering software and teaching technology for nearly 20 years has given me perspective. I believe nearly everyone can learn how to code.” she says. “If you have the dedication, if you’re willing to work, we’re here to teach you. Not only do you learn the most in-demand skills, we train you how to think like a developer in a welcoming, collaborative environment.” Great companies know that multiple perspectives help their teams perform better, [...]

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech2016-06-27T01:22:46-04:00

Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Joins StartMart in The Terminal Tower


We Can Code IT Launches StartMart Location for Adult Coding Bootcamps FlashStart's 2015 startup team We Can Code IT, which was featured in Crain’s Cleveland Business this past weekend, announced a formal partnership with Cleveland entrepreneurial hub StartMart. We Can Code IT, which provides IT education and job placement to women and minorities, will be launching a second location for its adult coding bootcamps in StartMart. The partnership will match graduates of the coding bootcamp with StartMart startups in need of development talent. More details of the partnership are in the press release below.     We Can Code IT Launches StartMart Location for Adult [...]

Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Joins StartMart in The Terminal Tower2020-04-17T15:45:44-04:00

Scrum Essentials: Exercise in Estimating Relative Effort (Team)


Estimating Relative Effort: A Scrum Team Exercise Thanks to Tomasz de Jastrzebiec Wykowski for this idea. Estimating relative effort can be more complex than it looks. In this exercise, you will work with your teammates to explore estimating the effort it would take to throw different objects. Gather a Scrum team (6 +/- 3 people), and get ready to play planning poker in order to estimate based on the following: "Given a series of objects, each object must be thrown and must fly at least 3 feet."

Scrum Essentials: Exercise in Estimating Relative Effort (Team)2015-08-28T20:27:45-04:00
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