Responding to Social Inequity

Dear We Can Code IT community, Outside of our We Can Code IT community, the country is in a time of deep sorrow, anger, and uncertainty. The inequities of institutionalized racism, the deep economic divide amongst social classes, and the unhealed wounds of many injustices have come to a head. As sickness and social unrest […]

Coding Bootcamps: Everyone Needs to Learn How to Code

Another shout-out from Crain’s Cleveland Business regarding We Can Code IT’s coding boot camp! Read the full story here:

Blue-collar Backlash: Are We Too Arrogant in IT?

Blue collar backlash in technology

Some things really get IT folks riled up. One of them is a recent article in Wired claiming that coding is the next big blue collar job. While it sounds like a sign of hope and opportunity, it’s created a backlash amongst IT professionals — one that uncovers the “belly of the beast.” As an industry insider, I’ve heard this blue collar job idea unleash fears, assumptions and what sounds like territorial sandbox whining amongst software developers, as in “Here comes more crappy code” or “These guys won’t be experienced enough to do what I do.”

Junior Associate Web Development Instructor (Java – Columbus)

transfer from itt tech

We Can Code IT is the leading coding bootcamp with a focus on inclusion and diversity in technology. Our highly selective, world-class code academy is in search of our newest member. This position is for a junior associate front-end programming instructor/facilitator at our Columbus, OH campus.