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If you’re like me, your undergrad may be in psychology, anthropology or the arts.  The problem is that although these are great fun to study, you may find yourself struggling to find a position that pays well, and it’s probably way below your skill-level.

Our state authorized coding boot camp helps you gain IT skills quickly, in months, not years. Employers love graduates with coding skills! We train you in the surprisingly creative and fun area of computer programming, then introduce you to employers who are looking for female software developers!

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Why your image of IT might be all wrong.

My father encouraged me to consider IT my whole life. At first, I thought computer science didn’t feel right, I wanted to be creative, to work with people. So, I chose to pursue psychology and anthropology during my undergrad years.

After graduating, I found myself struggling — what in the world could I use this degree for? I was well-educated and underpaid. At that time, coding boot camp wasn’t an option. Instead I went to grad school for computer science . . . and I LOVED it! Programming was fun, creative, and wonderfully challenging. My confidence grew as I excelled.

I was quickly hired by a growing IT firm back in the 90s, and haven’t looked back. The work was incredibly interesting, I was solving problems with amazing colleagues, and it paid so well! I found myself thriving, and creating not only at work, but on my own time. I created a wearable computer, a chatting artificial intelligence robot, so many fulfilling projects over the years. I was so wrong thinking that only nerdy guys who couldn’t communicate with people could be coders. No, the best coders use their creativity along with their smarts to bring ideas to life.


Top Reasons Why Women Should Consider Coding:

• Employers are looking for female coders – you’re in high demand
• Fulfilling, Engaging, Hands-on work
• Great pay (Average mid-career software engineer earns $93,000 annually)
• Flexible Work Schedules
• Job Security with less than 2% chance of unemployment.
• No additional-degrees required, fast-track, flexible Boot Camps launch you in months