Why did you pick We Can Code IT?

Announcement Date: June 1, 2015

I chose WCCI for its focus on underrepresented groups in tech. I’ve often been the only female doing a lot of things I’ve chosen to do. I was one of very few female philosophy majors and sometimes the only one in my classes. I took jobs typically filled by men because they appealed to me. I worked at a hardware store and then worked for a contractor doing manual labor. I grew up in a community that never made me feel like my gender should limit my ambitions, and I recognized after entering the work force and the adult world in general how valuable that has been for me. It enabled me to pursue my interests regardless of other people’s expectations of what I should be interested in based on my gender. In my younger life I was shielded from sexism, but I faced it often in these jobs and I took pride in standing up to it.