Rachel’s We Can Code IT job coach strongly encouraged her to apply

Announcement Date: July 1, 2016

I wasn’t sure I was interested in the job, but I decided I really ought to apply anyway. I got an interview at AmTrust. They’ve hired other students from WCCI, which encouraged me – they knew what they were getting. Working with a recruiter was a new experience for me, but AmTrust offered me the job immediately after the interview. I have been there almost a month now, and I’m a QA Analyst (which means I debug). I’m still getting used to having such a big career change. It wouldn’t have happened without WCCI teaching the skills and connecting us with those jobs. The interview took place before I was even done with my cohort, and the job started the day after graduation — it was almost too fast for me! But I’m really glad to have the job. I am still learning on the side, though, and attending other local code meetups to strengthen my coding skills and work on passion projects.