What is your education background and work history?

Announcement Date: August 4, 2014

I attended Penn State Brandywine in pursue of an Accounting degree but did not graduate. During my sophomore year of college I was an accounting intern and I was able to continue my internship after leaving college. I learned a lot from that internship but decided that I didn’t want to be in accounting anymore. I wanted to do something I was passionate about so I switched over to the automotive field. I had the knowledge of how to fix and diagnose car problems but not enough to be a mechanic. I was able to get a detailing position at Team Toyota of Glen Mills where I learned the proper techniques of maintaining a car’s exterior appearance and interior components. I really enjoyed detailing but it wasn’t enough for me to do for the rest of my life. A friend of mine reached out to me and told me about coding bootcamps and the benefits about completing them. When she graduated college, she moved to California to work for Cisco and found out that some of her co-workers graduated from a coding bootcamp. I was amazed that someone that completed a bootcamp was able to land a job that needed a four year degree. Just from her telling me about the work environment and opportunities being a software developer/engineer really inspired me to attend We Can Code IT.