How would you describe your job search experience?

Announcement Date: February 15, 2016

After graduating from We Can Code IT the job hunting phase was tough, I faced a lot of rejection from companies I applied to and was discouraged about my skills. I sharpened up my programming skills by practicing and learning new languages to open more opportunities. I signed up for multiple job boards to find more opportunities for me. I was pretty successful within the first month after graduation because I landed two interviews for two different companies but was turned down. I didn’t give up just because two companies didn’t want me, so I practiced more coding and interview skills and managed to land two more interviews. My last two interviews went great since I was offered a position from both companies I had applied for. I couldn’t believe myself, two companies wanted to hire me, all the hard work had finally paid off. I accepted an offer as a software engineer from AmTrust which is one of the companies that sent recruiters to We Can Code IT. Career Services helped me by introducing me to the AmTrust recruiter and by helping me build my resume on a professional level. I learned a lot of my interviewing skills from advice and materials that Career Services provided.