Ashley Goes to College

Announcement Date: June 10, 2014

College for me was honestly kind of horrible. My family placed a huge burden on me to not only go to college but also to go to a “good school.” I loved science and knew I wanted to do something in biology or chemistry. I was mostly interested in medical research and forensic investigation. I started at Muskingum college on their Pre-med tech plan. It basically meant double majoring in biology and chemistry. I was taking 20 some credit hours a semester as a freshmen. My grades where pretty good but because I took so many classes and spent all my time studying I really didn’t make friends there … I was lonely and I hated it.

So I transferred to John Carroll, I commuted from home, I worked 30 hours a week and took on an equally heavy course load. A lot of people can do that… I’m not one of them, it was to much. I also realized I didn’t really like the lab work as much as I thought but had no idea what else I’d like to do. I also met the man who is now my ex-husband at the beginning of that school year. By the end of the year my mom decided she would no longer help me pay for books and I dropped out.