Career Choice for Amazon Associates

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Amazon has partnered with award-winning coding bootcamp, We Can Code IT, to offer Amazon Associates training in software and web development as well as strong career support to continue your journey outside of Amazon!

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll join We Can Code IT’s award-winning Java coding bootcamp online. This part-time program allows you to continue your job while you learn skills that will launch your new software development career in just 22 weeks. You’ll learn via online modules, weekly tutoring sessions, one-on-one sessions with your instructors, and bi-weekly weekend “code jams.” These code jams are real-time work with your peers via Zoom. Using this hybrid approach, you’ll learn everything you need to enter your new career as a software developer or web developer while still having time for work and home obligations.

Allow approximately 15-20 hours a week to complete the modules and your project work. We have a limited number of spots available and enrollment is competitive. You must be a web or software development career-seeking Amazon employee to join.

Why has Career Choice partnered with We Can Code IT? 

Career Choice has partnered with We Can Code IT to bring their associates an opportunity to engage in a program designed to prepare you to enter the high-demand field of software development.  We Can Code IT’s software development bootcamp provides an accelerated path to learning the skills of a programmer, and support in landing your first role in the industry, in an inclusive environment with a history of helping students achieve results.

Overview of We Can Code IT? 

Start your new lucrative career in web & software development with We Can Code IT. Rated Best Coding Bootcamp 4-years running, our online coding bootcamp teaches you development in just 22 weeks. 90%+ placement for career seekers within 6 months of graduation.

What do Amazon Associates receive with We Can Code IT?

We Can Code IT provides Amazon Associates with a 22-week program designed to teach a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks that are highly sought after in the industry, as well as the skills to market yourself to the employers you’re excited to work with.  We Can Code IT students are provided with a laptop and other peripherals for the duration of the program, loaded with the tools needed to succeed in our bootcamp.  Finally, students are provided with an inclusive environment, with a team dedicated to their success, and proven methodologies designed to prepare you to excel in your career.

What programs does this school offer?

 We Can Code IT offers programs to become a Web and Software Developer.

What will the associate learn?

Associates will learn a wide range of programming languages and frameworks (listed below) as well as job search skills to help them transition smoothly into the tech industry. Please note, this list is updated often in order to ensure our students are using the most up-to-date skills, making them highly sought after in the industry.

Java  •  Spring Boot  •  Hibernate •  JPA  •  JavaScript  •  MVC Patterns •  HTML5  •  CSS3 •  Flexbox • Grid • Agile: Test-Driven Development •  Agile: Scrum •  Object Oriented Programming (OOP)  • AJAX  •  JSON  •  REST APIs •  Responsive Design / Mobile  •  Structured Query Language (SQL) •  Relational Databases  •  Source Control / Git