1. Eligibility & Application

To start the process, simply fill out the application below.


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2. Chat With Admissions

One of our Admissions Representatives will have a chat with you to discuss your options.

Admissions Meetings and What To Expect:

Our Admissions Team Members conduct campus visits via Zoom.

When you schedule a meeting with admissions, we will promptly send you a Zoom link to join at your chosen time. This scheduled meeting typically lasts around 30 minutes, although its duration may vary slightly based on your questions and discussion. During this call, we’ll learn about you and assist you in identifying the program that aligns best with your current goals. Your dedicated admissions counselor will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the program schedule, outline what you can anticipate in the classroom, and engage in a detailed discussion about the admissions process.

3. Assessment

To ensure our program is the right fit for you, we employ testing including a small test project.

4. Success

You are welcomed to participate in We Can Code IT. Once you’re a member, you’re always a member!

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