1. Eligibility & Application

To start the process, simply fill out the application below.

To be eligible, you must be authorized to work in the U.S. and have a high school diploma or GED.

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2. Assessment

To ensure this program is a great fit for both of us, we employ testing including a coding lesson with a small test project.

3. Interview Process

We hold a short interview and review your application.

4. Success

You are welcomed to participate in We Can Code IT. Once you’re a member, you’re always a member!

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  • Krystyna Ewing

    Krystyna Ewing’s Story

    Krystyna had a job in creative design before bootcamp, but wanted to expand their tech knowledge in new ways. They attended a different coding bootcamp before We Can Code IT, but the program was not the right fit. However, the second time was a charm for Krystyna. 

  • Jordan Easter

    Jordan Easter’s Story

    Jordan was a carpenter before he decided to attend our coding bootcamp. He was able to pursue a new career because of a grant from Ohio Means Jobs. Jordan was hired quickly after following instructions perfectly from our Career Advancement team. Read his story here!

  • Nina Payne

    Nina Payne’s Story

    Nina Payne was a year into a bachelor's program for computer science when she discovered We Can Code IT's coding program. She quickly transitioned out of the bachelors program and into bootcamp. then landed a job before she graduated from her 14 week program.

  • Richard Montgomery

    Richard Montgomery’s Pre-bootcamp Story

    Richard Montgomery was a college dean taking around-the-clock care of his son and mother when he realized he needed to make a career switch that was more fitting to his busy schedule. Find out how Richard made the switch to a career in tech!

  • Nana Yirenkyi

    Nana Yirenkyi’s Story

    Nana Yirenkyi had a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a minor in black studies. After completing his undergrad, he began to review the job market and realized that he wanted to change direction to align his skill set with a desire to land a high paying job in the exploding tech market. Read his story here!

  • Dasmine's Story

    Dasmine Wright’s Story

    Dasmine Wright spent around three years in IT until she decided she wanted to advance her tech knowledge. By attending We Can Code IT, she made valuable connections, studied various interview tactics, and learned how to program. Read her story here!