Student Stories

Stories about successfully placed graduates.

Alex's Story

Alex Gochenour’s Student Story

After getting his undergraduate degree in Chinese Studies and moving to China for 10 years to pursue a career as a linguist, Alex Gorchenour woke up one day and realized that coding may be the right career for him.  Read his story here!

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Marilee in Classroom

Marilee’s Success From Bootcamp Grad To Tech Professional At Microsoft

Marilee’s leap from a non-profit background to a flourishing tech career at Microsoft underscores the transformative power of coding bootcamps. With minimal prior coding experience, her journey through We Can Code IT not only equipped her with vital tech skills but also paved her way to prestigious opportunities, including Microsoft’s LEAP program. This post explores how a career shift into tech, fueled by passion and continuous learning, can lead to unexpected and rewarding pathways.

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