Behind the scenes of the We Can Code IT team.

Inclusive. Modern. Unparalleled Commitment to YOUR Success.​

We Can Code IT, named Course Report’s Best Bootcamp 7 years in a row,  sets the standard for modern, world-class accelerated technology development education with a focus on your new career in tech! Our On Course™ Proven Process ensures that you will be taught modern, in-demand technology development skills in a collaborative atmosphere. Our instructors teach through a problem and project based approach, ensuring you learn in the most “real world” way possible. This helps you learn more in a shorter period of time. 

You learn cybersecurity, data analytics, Java, or C# Full-stack software development practices in an agile, test-driven development focused way through different delivery options:

  • Full-time, Nationwide Remote/Online (U.S.)
  • Part-time, Nationwide Remote/Online (U.S.)

Unlike your typical “we might be here for you,” or “we care about our numbers, not your future”  career services approach, our team works with you in groups and one-on-one throughout the bootcamp and beyond to find the right fit.

Once you’re a We Can Code IT student, you’re a member for life.

Our Mission

We Can Code IT champions social equity through technology with a focus on industry-driven software development education.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you the best modern educational experience in industry-driven web and software development.

We are committed to helping you start your new career in software development and related fields, driven by your needs, not our placement numbers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that women, veterans, People of Color, and other diverse individuals should be given a seat at the table when it comes to jobs in tech and software development. 

We utilize the best educational methods and teach students how to become lifelong learners. We won’t give you a fish, we will teach you how to fish. 

Our team believes that by learning modern software development techniques, you will learn software development in a way that doesn’t just help you start your career, but that supports your career for a lifetime.

Unparalelled Commitment to Your Success

We care about the environment you want to work in! At We Can Code IT, you are not just a number. Our team focusses on our students and their individual success.

Inclusive and Diverse

We started because our founder, a developer with over 20 years of professional software development experience, wanted others like her to feel invited to the tech party. We welcome diverse perspectives. We welcome those who like I.T. but don’t feel like they belong in a traditional environment.

Modern, Agile Approach to Tech & Education

Our instructors are trained to teach in a problem/project-based way and are top-notch educators as well as developers. Unlike other coding bootcamps, our instructors know how to teach and facilitate, not just shoe-gaze and write code. You’ll learn modern, employable skills and also learn how to learn, preparing you for further future growth in your career. You’ll get support all along the way.

Our Values

Strive to Understand

Looks Like

  • Actively listening before responding
  • Asking Questions
  • Assuming the best

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Shutting down
  • Saying intentionally hurtful things

Own Your Own Stuff

Looks Like

  • Sharing progress, good and bad
  • Saying, “I’m Sorry”
  • Meeting your goals & obligations

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Pointing fingers
  • Ignoring your responsibilities
  • Being a jerk

Embrace Agility

Looks Like

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Adapt, change, evaluate
  • Growth mindset

Doesn’t Look Like

  • “We’ve always done it that way.”
  • Fear of taking smart risks
  • Resisting positive change

Do the Right Thing

Looks Like

  • Helping others
  • Choose with your values
  • Keep our mission in mind

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Going with easy over right
  • “Not my job”
  • Being a superstar instead of a teammate

Champion Inclusion & Diversity

Looks Like

  • Understanding and challenging your biases
  • Giving equal attention to those who are different
  • Supporting those who might have different needs than your own

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Using derogatory statements or words
  • Judging someone based on their differences
  • Making assumptions about backgrounds, knowledge & experiences

We Mean Business

Looks Like

  • Quality first
  • Do your best work
  • Priority-minded
  • Grit, determination, and focus

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Individual over team
  • Maintaining the status quo
  • Workplace drama and gossip

Be the Best at What We Do

Looks Like

  • Unparalleled commitment to student success
  • Modern tech education
  • Culturally inclusive learning environment
  • Project-and problem-based teaching methodologies

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Holding yourself to another organization’s standards
  • Ignoring our mission
  • Settling for mediocrity