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Coding Bootcamp(StudentStories)

Jamie Starts New Career Earning 3x Her Previous Salary

After leaving college and being told she’d never make it, Jamie was hired before graduating We Can Code IT’s bootcamp. Jamie states that We Can Code IT’s program gave her the confidence boost she needed to succeed. She’s now a software developer at Chase!

Learning Computer Science in a Regular Classroom Was Intimidating

I went to college for (among other things) computer science. I did not graduate; honestly I was intimidated by the classroom environment and by being the only female in the class–and seemingly the only one with no previous coding experience.

Tech Support Didn’t Provide an Outlet for Creativity

I did work at tech support and escalated customer service jobs. I wanted a career where I could actually use my mind and creativity, hence the career switch.

We Can Code IT’s Culture Stands Out

I decided on WCCI because of the mission statement of the company and because of my previous experience with somewhat toxic culture in the college setting. I had lost my confidence and I felt encouraged by the fact that this program was targeting females and people of color to change the face of the industry.

Daily Check-In, Friendships, and Support

I like the focus on emotions in the daily check-in, and the reassurance given to those who were feeling overwhelmed. I think that being able to be honest about my feelings helped me gain support and friendship among my peers. I also really loved the fact that it was only 12 weeks, so I could learn at an accelerated rate and make it into a new career – which would have taken me 2+ years if I had chosen to finish my bachelor’s degree.

Networking Event Led to an Offer Before Graduation

I did several phone interviews and attended a few networking events around weeks 6-7 of the boot camp. Cynthia’s advice made my first tech interview easier. She actually encouraged us to go to the Chase networking event where I began the process that led to my offer. Chase was my first and only technical interview. By the end of week 9, I had already accepted the offer. 

New Career with Three Times the Salary

I am now going to be earning three times the salary that I have made in the past and I’m absolutely ecstatic because I know it’s just the beginning!

WCCI Helps with More than Just Coding Skills

I think the biggest thing WCCI did for me was boost my confidence (both in my technical prowess and in my interview capabilities). They also taught me what I needed to know about breaking into the industry and being my own advocate. I will forever be grateful for this bootcamp and for all of the instructors and staff.

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