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Cleveland Meetup: Learn to code – Introduction to JavaScript!
November 13, 2016
learn to code cleveland columbus
Columbus Meetup: Learn to Code – Introduction to JavaScript
November 14, 2016
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Olay Gureje at We Can Code IT Career Day Photo by Roger Mastroianni

Olay Lands a Spot at Microsoft

Olay attended We Can Code IT coding bootcamp after initially earning a computer science degree in New Jersey. While researching different coding bootcamps, he found that We Can Code IT could provide not only exceptional curriculum and instruction, but a welcoming atmosphere that could help him achieve his dreams. Shortly after graduating, We Can Code IT helped him gain a highly competitive and handsomely paid spot at Microsoft through their LEAP program.

Olay Graduates with a Computer Science Degree

I went to Kean University in Union NJ and graduated in May 2016 with a computer science degree and a minor in math.

Olay Looks to Strengthen His Skills at Bootcamp

I didn’t feel ready for the work force so after researching and thinking I came to the conclusion going to a boot-camp first would be more beneficial to me.

We Can Code IT Offers More

WCCI offered a lot more than most camps I looked up and their curriculum was something that really interested me. Also I wanted to be away from my comfort zone, with the camp being located in Cleveland I felt that was perfect for me. I would be able to separate myself while also growing and learning about myself and my capabilities.

WCCI Provides a Community for Learning

I enjoyed the supportive community and the feeling of being part of a family rather than just a classroom setting. The culture to me was amazing and aided in developing me both as a better developer and person.

Olay Scores a Spot at Microsoft through the LEAP Program

Personally I wanted to work for a top tech company and I understood although I was on the right path but I was still far away from the goal. Attempting to gain this knowledge on my own would have taken more time than I would like because I enjoy learning around people better. This is where WCCI came in, with their wisdom and resources I was able to get a clearer concept on what qualities the industry is looking for and how to better attain them. Mel who runs WCCI introduced me to the Microsoft LEAP program and this became a secret goal for me. I attribute my acceptance into this program to God, Mel, James and the whole WCCI staff. The knowledge I gained during my time at the camp put me in position to go through the interview process and understand the unknown better without intimidation.

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