learn to code cleveland columbus
Columbus Meetup: Columbus Campus Info & Enrollment Session
September 25, 2016
learn to code cleveland columbus
Cleveland Meetup: Information, Interview and Enrollment Session
October 3, 2016
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After working in politics in Washington DC, Kyle returned to Ohio.  He began to research coding bootcamps after reading about their rising popularity. He found We Can Code IT and attended the full-time cohort in Cleveland.  Kyle quickly began his new career after meeting with one of WCCI’s employer partners, Foundation Software.

Kyle Earns an Economics Degree

I got an economics degree from William & Mary in 2010. Late in my time there, I took and enjoyed an introductory computer science class and wondered if perhaps I should have majored in that instead.

A Career in Politics Isn’t the Right Fit

After school, I moved to Washington, D.C. and worked in politics for several years. I enjoyed it, but politics doesn’t pay well and employment can be streaky. A lengthy period of unemployment forced me back to Ohio to come up with a new plan.

Everything Comes Together in Cleveland

I had read news articles about software bootcamps’ booming popularity. I was interested, but the bootcamps I was aware of in the Bay Area or New York seemed logistically difficult and expensive. Serendipitously, I found WCCI right before a cohort started. Cleveland worked for me and the time and the price were right—I couldn’t not apply.

What is the Best Part of We Can Code IT?

The best part of WCCI is the people, both the instructors and the classmates. Everyone is supportive. The ability to ask follow-up questions got me over some conceptual roadblocks I’d encountered in the past trying to self-teach with online material.

Kyle Meets His New Employer at Career Day

I had my first contact with my new employer, Foundation Software, at the WCCI career day. It was not a company I had heard of, but the representative was so visibly enthusiastic about his workplace that I had to follow up. He also said he was looking to hire quickly, and he wasn’t kidding—I started about a month after that.

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