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Ashley Shows Them What She’s Made Of!
July 3, 2016
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We Can Code IT Launches Coding Boot Camp for Minorities and Women
July 5, 2016
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Lexus Davis studied engineering management at Ohio University, but found out after graduating that getting a job without having coding skills is very difficult. Employers wanted her to have real skills to bring to the table. That’s when she found We Can Code IT’s coding bootcamp and her dreams took off! During bootcamp, she got a very lucrative job offer from JP Morgan Chase where she is now working as a Technology Analyst.

Lexus Studies Engineering in College

I graduated May 2015 with a Bachelor in Specialized Studies in Technology Engineering & Innovation Management. I was involved in NSBE served as the Senator for 3 years.

It’s hard to find a good job

I worked at a construction company as a field observer for a few months. I worked as a counselor for a program called Step-Up at OU that I attended when I was an incoming freshman. It’s a bridge program to help students get accustomed to college. For the most part I couldn’t find a job. It was really hard finding employment.

I knew We Can Code IT was the right fit

I decided on WCCI because it was a sign from above. I thought about coding specifically C# but when I took the course in college I thought I wasn’t good at it. It was the instructor for sure. I couldn’t find work and I knew coding, software engineering was big, is big so I told myself to go for it.

What makes you love We Can Code IT coding bootcamp?

I really like how at WCCI it’s like a family. No matter what you feel at home. It is a business/school so you are held accountable but the instructors understand life happens. Everyday I wasn’t 100% present and those days my instructors knew it so they nudged me a bit more or they didn’t bother me depending on my body language. Another thing I loved was how I could get help if I asked. All you have to do is open your mouth. Lauren set with me countless times explaining different concepts in various ways until it clicked for me. I would take what she taught and go explain that same concept to somebody else. Also if you want to succeed you can. Shana listened to me talk every Friday with no judgment just allowing me to get some stuff off of my chest and never repeating anything I said unless I gave her permission. That’s beautiful and you don’t find these type of people out here.

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