coding bootcamp teaches computer science student real skills
Coding Bootcamp Teaches Computer Science Student Real Skills
July 3, 2016
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Ashley Shows Them What She’s Made Of!
July 3, 2016
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When Katherine graduated from college, her business administration degree helped her land a job as a content marketing specialist, but she aspired to much more. After attending a coding school in Miami, she decided she needed more. She found We Can Code IT, learned skills that high-paying employers were seeking, and landed her dream job at Hyland software!

Katherine Graduates from College

I graduated from the University of Miami in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA). My majors were Psychology and Marketing.

Got a job in social media marketing

After graduating, I worked as a Content Specialist for 8 months at a Digital Marketing and SEO company called WebFindYou. I wrote blog posts and social media posts about trending SEO and web-related topics.

Went to another coding bootcamp

I went to a 9 week coding bootcamp in Miami, FL to learn Ruby on Rails.  I wasn’t interested in getting a job right when it ended because I wanted to keep learning and experimenting with other code-related concepts and other languages before deciding on a job.

Why did you choose We Can Code IT’s coding bootcamp?

I chose We Can Code IT’s coding bootcamp because I liked the location and that C# was the language being taught there. A lot of boot camps choose to teach Ruby because it’s easier to learn, but a vast majority of the programming jobs in Cleveland seem to be based around C# and .NET so it’s a more practical language to learn.

What did you like about WCCI’s coding bootcamp?

I really like how supportive everyone is at WCCI. The teachers genuinely care about each student and are always available to help, either in-person or on Slack. I loved the emphasis on collaboration for projects because it made overcoming obstacles more fun and rewarding. I liked the diverse group of people that were in the cohort who all made it fun to come to school every day.

Landed Dream Job at Hyland in 3 Weeks!

WCCI definitely helped with the process of getting hired by offering resume help and holding a Career Day. I received offers from Foundation Software and Hyland, both of which were at our career day. I ended up choosing Hyland, which had been my dream company ever since I moved back to Cleveland in February. The entire process took about 3 weeks.

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