Coding Bootcamp Student Spotlight: Dee
September 16, 2015
Learn C# ASP.NET Web Applications MVC Database First Tutorial
Tutorial: Create an ASP.NET MVC Web App in C# using Database First Approach
November 5, 2015
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Coding Bootcamp Student Spotlight: Shalamar

I didn’t know I liked technology. I was almost an advocate against it. I thought it drove a wedge between people and devalued something as simple as the human touch. What I didn’t realize at that time was, technology allows us to come together. I read that 90% of adult Americans own a cell phone. Over half of that use their phones for news and social networking. That’s when I knew, technology allows me to create an idea and in one click, share it! Anyone could change the world now. Technology leveled the playing field. I could reach out to anyone!

Naturally, I had to get involved. So, I found We Can Code IT. I wasn’t sure if I could do the whole programming thing because it seemed really hard. Well, it is really hard and I’m totally doing it! How? Because my teachers make learning fun and my team works together. I find myself saying, “No man left behind!”. Which is rather appropriate considering it is a boot camp. While creating this very post from home, I have talked to two of my classmates about interviewing skills and homework. We make time for each other, and I think we actually care about one another. I never got that kind of support in high school or college. Everything was always just so black and white. I like color and collaboration. We Can Code IT gives me that!

Today, I am halfway through my cohort and have the confidence and skills to already interview for jobs and internships. Yes, in three months I am ready to go out there and show these companies what I’ve got! Sure, I don’t know everything, but the instructors at We Can Code IT are teaching me exactly what I need to know to be a valuable asset right now. I’ve shadowed four Software Engineers in the past month and everything they did was right in line with my training. It’s just perfect. For the first time, I really feel like I could do anything!

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“After the We Can Code IT on-site training at University Hospitals, we embraced Agile software development methodology with tremendous success. On a project that was not going well, we were able to develop 1-week iterations where we did a mini-planning session on Monday, committed to stories for the week and then completely tested them by the end of the week. Our teams have really enjoyed moving to a more structured Agile environment with much more collaboration.”

– Andy Laytin, Manager, IT Development, SQL DBAs Architecture, University Hospitals

It takes 6 to 9 months to bring a new developer up to speed. In IT, recruiting top talent is super competitive. So it makes sense to train your internal talent pool, right? A great idea, but most companies find cross-training employees is time-consuming and demands training expertise they don’t always have.  We can help you with this process by applying our assessment tools.  These will help you find out which employees would be best for cross-training as well as which canidates are most adept to join your company.

When growth or turnover hits your IT team, research shows it costs a business about 20% of an employee’s salary to hire and train new talent. If a developer is paid in the neighborhood of $80–$120K —the hiring and training process costs your business up to $24K.*