From Minecraft to Scratch to Google Glass — We Can Code IT is doing it all at this year’s IngenuityFest!

We’ll be in the Make Space at Great Lakes Science Center on Saturday, September 27th from noon until 5:00 p.m.

Our workshops at Ingenuity will be for boys and girls who want to learn how to make a virtual pet in Scratch or an amusement park in Minecraft.

We’re also bringing Zoebot. Kids will get to program Zoe to have the personality they want her to have. Will she be nice? Will she be mean? Will she hate liver and peas? You never know!

Skeletorbot will make another appearance, too. Kids can learn how to program an actual physical bot and see how programming translates into real-life (scary) objects.

The Community Google Glass display will be up and running. Everyone can test out Google Glass themselves. Take photos, video, and search the web all from a wearable computer.

Please stop by, chat with Skeletorbot, program Zoe, see the world through augmenting glasses, and have some fun in our workshops.

See you there!