Benefits of a 14-Week Computer Programming Course

As the demand for capable programmers and developers continues to grow, many companies in the IT field have relaxed their employment requirements.

Gone are the days where you needed a 4-year degree and job experience just to land an entry-level position. Nowadays, tech companies are desperate for fresh talent and many are willing to employ those without degrees and without experience.

From self-taught programmers to those who’ve been trained in a 14-week computer programming course at We Can Code IT, people of all ages and skill levels are beginning to realize that college isn’t the only way to land a high-paying career in the technology field. And with the need for talented IT workers higher than ever, more individuals are looking for cost-effective ways to break into this lucrative niche.


What’s a 3 Month Computer Programming Course?

It almost sounds too good to be true – learn to program in just 14 weeks. Fortunately, it’s not only possible… it’s a great way to quickly embrace IT!

In a coding boot camp, students are taught only the skills that benefit their career search. But don’t let the brief learning fool you – each and every hour you spend at a boot camp is jam-packed with valuable lessons designed to help you learn some of the most in-demand tech skills needed by tens of thousands of companies across the world.  


Coding Boot Camp Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of a 14-week computer programming course is that students can obtain all the knowledge they need to find employment at a tech company much faster compared to earning a degree at college. Because a bachelor’s degree can take 4 or more years, you’ll have a huge head start in your career. And speed isn’t the only benefit. Boot camp graduates can save a considerable sum of money when compared to the long-term costs tied to mounting college loans.


Real World Experience

Boot camp students have the benefit of hands-on experience, meaning you’ll be working on projects that are very similar to what you’d be handling at a technology firm or startup company. That means you’ll have actual experience to show, proving you’re capable of doing the job.


Coding Bootcamp FAQs

Targeted Learning

At boot camp, students are taught skills that directly benefit them. That means you’ll be learning skills like CSS, HTML, C#, Java, and more! These languages are what many tech companies use to create their software and exactly what you’ll be proficient in at the end of the 14-week computer-programming course.



Not everyone learns at the same pace. At We Can Code IT’s boot camp, you can receive additional training and mentoring in weekly tutoring sessions to help you get caught up to speed.


Coding Bootcamp FAQsNetworking Opportunities

In the programming world, you’ll benefit by networking with other like-minded individuals. You can learn a great deal from your peers who will help you succeed in your career. In some cases, students go on to become partners on their own startup companies.

Plus, some tech companies even go directly to these boot camps to hire their next set of employees.

Regardless of your reason for signing up to an intensive coding class, you can expect to learn valuable skills that will help you build the kind of career that will reward you over and over.