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Championing Social Equity Through Technology Education

The highest quality in-person and online coding bootcamps for adult career-changers. We prepare you and help you start a new career as a software developer in just 14 to 16 weeks!


  • Unparalleled commitment to student success.
  • Culturally inclusive learning community.
  • Modern tech learning experiences.
  • Problem- project-based approach to learning.
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    We Can Code IT Graduate Uses His Coding Skills For a Good Cause

    Bootcamp Graduate Volunteers His Coding Skills to Help Combat COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has left lasting impacts on many communities and individuals. However, as a result, people are rallying together and finding creative solutions to [...]

  • Best Coding Bootcamp Cleveland Ohio Student Story

    Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Graduate Starts New Career at Progressive

    Unsatisfied with her previous work experience, the recommendation of an associate would lead her to seek a start in software development at We Can Code IT.  With support from Mayor Frank G. Jackon's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, Angel was able to fund half of her tuition cost through their grant. The risk she took would prove to pay off as just months after graduating Angel would achieve her goal in landing a full-time software development position at Progressive.

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    Bootcamp Graduate Takes A Leap to Change His Career

    Coding bootcamp graduate, Brian Bross was seeking a career change that would provide him with the opportunity to spend more time with his family. He had secured a degree in culinary arts but was tired of spending nights and holidays away from his two young girls. With the encouragement of a good friend and after hearing rave reviews about our program he had decided to give We Can Code IT a shot.

  • Best Columbus Ohio Coding Bootcamp Student Story

    Coding Bootcamp Graduate Is Prepared for the Real World

    Since a teenager bootcamp graduate Nick Hergatt had a gift for IT and computers, though life had somehow gotten in the way of him pursuing a career. After listening to suggestions from family and he friends he decided to give We Can Code IT a try. "We Can Code IT works miracles with people."

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    Coding Was the Answer for this Bootcamp Grad

    Former student, Isaac Canonico had worked several different jobs in many different industries, yet still couldn't find his niche. After using his initiative to seek out the right career path for himself, Issac made the decision to take a risk in software development and he chose We Can Code IT as a starting point.

  • Best Remote Ohio Coding Bootcamp Student Story

    Bootcamp Graduate Jon Cunicella Follows His Passions

    After attending our coding bootcamp Jon was able to use our career service tips to land a job as a developer with Chase. Learn more about Jon's journey from an apprehensive student of coding to a professional working developer.


We Can Code IT is committed to providing diverse students the most advanced software development instruction and job support leading you to a new career defined by you in software development, web development, and related positions.

  • Unparalleled Commitment to Your Success – we care about the environment you want to work in! Over 90% of our career-seeking graduates start careers within 6 months of graduation. . . and that’s taking your goals, not our placement numbers, into account!

  • Inclusive and Diverse – we started because our founder, a developer with over 20 years of professional software development experience, wanted others, like her, to feel invited to the tech party. We welcome diverse perspectives. We welcome those who like IT but don’t feel like they belong in a traditional environment.

  • Modern, agile approach to tech AND education – Our instructors attend the Korda Institute to learn how to best teach in a problem/project-based way. Unlike other coding bootcamps, our instructors know how to teach and facilitate, not just shoe-gaze and write code. You’ll learn modern, employable skills You’ll learn how to learn. You’ll get support all along the way.


We Can Code IT  champions social equity through technology with a focus on industry-driven software development education.

We believe that women, People of Color, and other diverse individuals can enjoy a career in software development and related industries by being invited to the table. We utilize the best educational methods, and teach you to become a lifelong learner. We teach you how to fish, we don’t just give you a fish. We believe that learning practical modern software development techniques, with a focus on test-driven development from day 1, you will learn development depthfully in a way that doesn’t just help you start your career, but that supports your career for a lifetime.

We are committed to providing you the best modern educational experience in industry-driven web and software development.

We are committed to helping you start your new career in software development and related fields, driven by your needs, not our placement numbers.

If it’s not right, we’ll make it right!

Staff and Students at We Can Code IT must uphold our values. To give you an understanding of what our culture is like, read the values below, noting what each looks like and doesn’t look like.

Be the best at what we do

Looks Like

  • Unparalleled commitment to student success
  • Modern tech education
  • Culturally inclusive learning environment
  • Project-and problem-based teaching methodologies

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Holding yourself to another organization’s standards
  • Ignoring our mission
  • Settling for mediocrity

Own your own stuff
( Accountability, Transparency, Communication)

Looks Like

  • Sharing progress, good and bad
  • Saying, “I’m Sorry”
  • Meeting your goals & obligations

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Pointing fingers
  • Ignoring your responsibilities
  • Being a jerk

Embrace agility

Looks Like

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Adapt, change, evaluate
  • Growth mindset

Doesn’t Look Like

  • “We’ve always done it that way.”
  • Fear of taking smart risks
  • Resisting positive change

We mean business

Looks Like

  • Quality first
  • Do your best work
  • Priority-minded
  • Grit, determinition, and focus

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Sucking
  • Individual over team
  • Maintaining the status quo
  • Workplace drama and gossip

Do the right thing

Looks Like

  • Helping others
  • Choose with your values
  • Keep our mission in mind

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Going with easy over right
  • “Not my job”
  • Being a superstar instead of a teammate

Strive to understand

Looks Like

  • Actively listening before responding
  • Asking Questions
  • Assuming the best

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Shutting down
  • Saying intentionally hurtful things

Champion Diversity & Inclusion

Looks Like

  • Understanding and challenging your biases
  • Giving equal attention to those who are different
  • Supporting those who might have different needs than your own

Doesn’t Look Like

  • Using derogatory statements or words
  • Judging someone based on their differences
  • Making assumptions about backgrounds, knowledge & experiences




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