Creativity, Meet STEM Education

We offer creative, fun, exciting workshops and classes for girls and women, so that learning STEM, with a tech-edge, becomes second nature.

We Can Code IT Engages Ingenuity Fest 2014 Visitors

Skeletorbot, Google Glass with Community Display, Scratch programming, and more!

Community Outreach

Reaching out at community events with Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality, and tech / engineering workshops!


Teaching Gals How to Code

We teach technology to girls & women without the egos and attitudes, customizing it to female interests and learning styles.

All Levels

Whether you are just starting out, a budding tech guru, or a seasoned developer looking to gain new skills, we offer a variety of different classes and workshops.

All Ages

We have classes and workshops for all ages, including multi-generational ones so you and your favorite kid can join forces for twenty-first century female bonding.


Right now, we’re offering classes in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We hope to expand our efforts to web-based classes, and other cities soon.


Our next session is Make Your Own Virtual Pet in Scratch! on September 20th, 2014.

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Many of our beginner classes are FREE! All of our workshops are affordable. You may also be eligible for work-study discounts or need-based assistance.

Computer Classes for Girls and Women

Next Workshop: Make Your Own Haunted House Adventure Game in Scratch!

Saturday, October 18th, 2014. 10 AM – Noon. Cleveland, OH

Girls, ages 8-16, make your your own interactive Haunted House game!
Parents, girls are having fun, learning responsibility, expressing their creativity, learning to create with a computer, not just use it, learning programming (yes,real programming), computational thinking, and skills that will help them excel in the 21st century.
Girls, ages 8 to 16, love it because they are creating their own interactive game. You’ll love it because they are learning the computational thinking and programming that is an important life skill schools aren’t well equipped to teach.

We Need Some Help

Seventeen year old Brittany Wenger recently won the Google Science Fair for her program making breast cancer detection more accurate, less expensive, and less painful. Brittany started coding at the age of thirteen.We need more Brittanys in this world, but unfortunately the numbers of females going into technology are decreasing, from 37% of college grads back in 1984 to a measly 12-18% currently. We need diversity in the world of tech . . . our new innovators are coming from tech, it’s a major world export from the US, we need women’s views and perspectives to be represented in order for society and our economy to compete in the 21st century.

It’s a looming issue. The negative impact of this decline of women in tech is not easy to put into a 10 second sound byte, nor is it simple enough to put into a few paragraphs here. The impact has major consequences that we can change now by empowering our girls from a young age, and helping women in career changes and advances too.

But we can’t do it alone. Shana and I have personally donated countless hours and large amounts of money into making this vision come to fruition. We know this is a worthy goal and see the impact we make when we show girls how to program, how to create their dreams in a digital world, how women feel empowered learning new skills, and we know we need to continue. And we need your help.

Please donate now to help us in our cause. Your gift will help girls and women, often those who can’t afford computers or don’t know where to get started, learn to create through technology. Let’s help motivate, educate, and mentor the next Brittany Wenger.

My Best,
Mel McGee

Peer Coding Tutorials for Girls

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